Women & Diabetes – World Diabetes Day 2017

November is Not the Time to Give Up your Fitness Goal, It’s Time to Step Up. In fact, this 14th November, the world observes the World Diabetes Day and the theme this year is Women & Diabetes – our right to a healthy future.

It was found that people in South East Asia develop type 2 diabetes at a lower BMI level than those of European origin. High sugar and saturated fatty intake and inadequate consumption of dietary contribute to it.

World Diabetes Day 2017

World Diabetes Day 2017

Main causes of diabetes for type 2 diabetes:

  • Excess body fat
  • Physical inactivity, overweight and obesity
  • Higher waist circumference and higher body mass index (BMI)

Women, especially mothers play an important part in preventing diabetes. What can we do to prevent it?

  • Inculcate healthy and balanced eating habits from early age.
  • Promote breast-feeding
  • Discourage the consumption of unhealthy foods, such as sweetened drinks.
  • Provide conducive and supportive environments for physical activity.
  • Maintain a healthy BMI level.  A healthy BMI score is between 20 and 25

Let’s do our part to keep diabetes away from ourselves and families. Eat healthy and keep an active lifestyle! Spread the awareness.

Sources : Global Report on Diabetes, World Health Organisation