Take Action, Support Humanity Today

The United Nation Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs reports US$367 million is needed to help 490,000 displaced people in Gaza. The amount increases day by day as more help needed for shelter, food, support and medical aid.

1. How can we help?

With your help, we are raising funds to get food and shelter. When you purchase the Humanitarian Shirt, you get to DonateEducate and become the Messenger of HUMANITY. Sales proceeds will be donated to the people of Palestine through humanitarian bodies in Malaysia. This shirt was jointly designed by our partners, friends and customers who think we should Take Action, and Make a Difference.

2. The World Humanitarian Day

This effort is to support the World Humanitarian Day, celebrated every 19 August, since 2003. This is to remember the volunteers who render humanitarian help and to encourage humanitarian efforts by others.

3. Why the Palestinian in Gaza?

We chose to support the people in Gaza as 86% out of 1,814 killed were civilians and 63% of the 9,500 injured are women and children. Within a day, from 3rd to 4th August 2014, the number of displaced families with no shelter grew by 1,000+, while the amount needed to help continue to rise. The people in Gaza are in great need of humanitarian help.

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4. The Design of Humanitarian Shirt

Front : The dove represents peace required in the world, and peace that needs to be restored in Palestine.

Back : The hashtags #FreePalestine and #ItIsAboutHumanitarian highlight the humanitarian needs of  490,000 displaced people in Gaza. The suffering of these people and the need to help is critical for survival and sustenance.

Fabric : Lightweight Microfiber and Microfiber mesh

We are taking  PRE-ORDERS and the shirts will be shipped on 15th August 2014 onwards. Shipping is FREE for delivery within Malaysia while the fees to Singapore and Brunei is SG7 for a max for 4 items.

Take action by purchasing a shirt NOW and help us share too 🙂

humanitarian shirt, palestine


5. Fabric

Closeup of the lightweight Microfiber (Click to enlarge)

Fabric Humanitarian Shirt





6. Humanitarian Needs & Damages in GazaInfograph

Head on to http://bit.ly/humanitarianshirt to contribute.