Haze Condition : T-4 days from WOW RUN Malaysia

Dear runners,

The haze got back into Klang Valley last weekend and it has not gone away. This has always been our concern and here are updates and forecast based on today’s info. We will keep you posted.


1.  Haze Map  : Source National Environment Agency Singapore 

The haze map shows the hotspots area is big in Sumatera and the wind is expected to blow northwest of Sumatera, towards what seems to be Melaka, Klang Valley and Negeri Sembilan.

Haze Aerial Map


2. Air Pollution Asia Real Time Air Quality Index Visual Map as of 21 Oct 2015 7am

Source World Air Quality Index Site

Air Pollution in Asia

3. Increasing  fire alert count in Sumatera : Source ABC.NET

 Fire Count @ Sumatra

4. Putrajaya API the past 2 days.


5. API Forecast Shah Alam (21st – 27 October). Source : World Air Quality Index Site

Air Quality is expected to continue to be unhealthy until next Monday, 26th Oct.
Note : We are unable to find the forecast for Putrajaya. Shah Alam is the closest we could find.

Shah Alam Haze Forecast


The video forecast of haze is also captured here.