Realize your Full Yoga Potential in Modest Yoga Rompers

Do you want to try out yoga but worry about wardrobe malfunction? You are not alone. Go through these four questions below and if your answer is yes to any of them, the good news is, we have got those covered.

  • Are you worried about flashing by accident when your shirt falls down during downward dog or inversions?
  • Are you super conscious about revealing panty lines or bottoms when you bend, squat, stretch and twist?
  • Do you prefer loose pants, but need firm grip around ankles so that they do not fall down when you lift up your legs?
  • Do you intend to take up yoga classes in studio or outdoor but feel embarrassed to wear tight pants and shirts in public?
  • Are you wearing a few layer of clothing to ensure no parts of your body gets exposed while yoga?

If so, read on!

Yoga for All

Women should be empowered to pick up any fitness activities they desire. Fitness is for all, so is yoga. Yoga offers relaxing movement that improves your mind and body conditions. Many associate yoga with tight and body hugging attire. However, that  may not be the only choice for you. Nashata modest yoga rompers can help modest ladies realise their yoga potentials.


Why Modest Yoga Rompers?

Nashata’s Modest Yoga Rompers / Jumpsuit allows you to yoga with a peace of mind without compromising modesty. Train, stretch your limits and invert without worry about wardrobe malfunction.  It covers your aurah and loose at areas you require optimum coverage. You need not wear additional layers underneath. No inner, shirts, pants, arm sleeves required.

Key features:

1. High neck top

The top offers good coverage for the chest when you bend forward or down. For yoga hijabis, the high neck offers options to style their hijabs. They can wear a short or long hijab, tucked in or out as desired. We recommend the revolutionary Hooda Sports Hijab for the best chest covering and yoga experience.

2. Long front zip

You can put on and take off  the rompers easily. After all, you need no additional layer underneath. The front zip is long and ample to allow a good fitting experience.

High Neck Modest Yoga Rompers

High Neck & Long Front Zipper

3. Two side pockets with zippers

Our design philosophy has always put practicality and purposeful functions as priorities. You can keep small items in your right or left pocket or even both. Zip them up if you want to ensure your belongings do not fall out when you bend and stretch. You can go to your yoga classes hands free. Don’t forget to bring yoga mat!

Modest Yoga Rompers

Side Pockets with Zip & Reflector Logo


4. Extended arm sleeves with thumb holes

You can perform poses that require hand and shoulder stretches like warrior poses without worry revealing any parts of your wrists and hands. Just pull the arm sleeves and insert your thumbs into respective thumb holes on your sleeves.

5. Ankle-grip pants

Be assured that the pants do not fall down during inversions. The stretchable design around the ankles hugs the legs well.

6. Back of Pants – Seamless

Your leg movements are not visible with the seamless pants. The back of the pants is baggy and seamless that you can stretch as wide as you need without worry about revealing panty lines or body shapes.

Back Modest Yoga Rompers

Extended Arm Sleeves, Ankle-Grip Pants & Seamless Back Pants,


There are 3 colors (black, cocoa and grey) and 4 sizes you could choose from S/M/L/XL. With only RM149, you get a full suit of functional and modest yoga attire. We offer early bird price of RM129 for purchases made by 1 June 2016. Purchase yours now at

Yoga Rompers put to Test

With the modest yoga rompers, you can free your mind and body even more. You have more freedom to yoga anywhere without worry about wardrobe malfunction. Here are some yoga poses that illustrates coverage and modest in Nashata Yoga Rompers/Jumpsuit.


Yoga Inversion : Half Tripod Headstand

Yoga Inversion : Half Tripod Headstand

Secure Top and Modest Yoga Wheelpose

Secure Top and Modest Yoga Wheelpose

Stretch as much as you need with a peace of mind Warrior 1

Stretch as much as you desire peacefully

Now, try out all those yoga poses you desire without worry about your attire. Just stretch, invert and bend as you wish in Nashata’s Yoga Rompers.

The Weekend Runner: IMU Chariofare Run 2015

Almost every Saturday or Sunday, I have been trying to consistently clock in about 15km to prepare myself for my first full marathon (and I know that that I am still under-training). So the routine before a long run will usually involve packing my waist pouch with power gel, water bottle, plus other required items, and hunting down my headphones, non-chaffing socks, etc. However, last Saturday, I participated in the 10km event for IMU Chariofare Run and none of those was required.


I forgot how simple it is to run 10km – no carbo-loding required, a comfortable distance, no power gel to be carried, no fancy gear required like water belt, bladder pack, etc. It was purely getting up, get dressed, go for a run. And Nashata’s Mumtaz hijab makes everything simpler – all I had to do was just slip it on and go!


Essentials for a 10km run: The grey Mumtaz hijab and Ultra top in Turquoise.


The race was held at International Medical University (IMU), Bukit Jalil, Malaysia, flagging off at 6.30 am. The haze condition has somewhat cleared up around Kuala Lumpur. The air quality has improved over the past few days, but today’s running condition is not really optimum because I can still feel the heat from the residual haze. However, I manage to complete the run in 75 minutes. Not my personal best, but I’ll run another 10km tomorrow to catch up on my mileage so I don’t want to over-exert myself for today.

11217663_10207505886835134_1234804215675049122_n Obligatory finishing picture with medal. The Mumtaz hijab goes pretty well with the Turquoise Ultra – My blue top for the not-so-blue skies. Keep your chin up everyone, we’ll brave through this haze together.


After the run there was a carnival. I still had some energy so I’d thought it would be fun to hang around and contribute to the good cause. There were booths set up by the students, selling items like food, pre-loved clothings, and fun-fair games. IMU is lucky to have students from all over the world, so I tried food from Iraq, India, and Korea. I guess everything smells and tastes good after working out!

12003353_10207506506530626_7145531200887536109_n A friend of mine was part of the organizing committee so it would be great to support her by joining this event. Plus, the event was for a good cause: to raise funds for the university’s welfare partners such as Penang Hospice Society, Ti-Ratana Welfare House, and many more.





The crowd was very encouraging, everyone was in high spirits! Keep up the good cause, folks!


Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.