Paying it Forward : Fund Raising @ TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival

When Lini Kazim and I had breakfast together at the Pullman Hotel in November 2014, she shared with me her new ‘task’ to organise a 5km run for our alma mater. Without any hesitation, I told Lini I would support her indefinitely. I would do anything within my capacity to give back to the school that brought me to greater heights after high school.

TKC Enstek

TKC Enstek, new with barren field

In 2013, Tunku Kurshiah College (TKC) moved from Seremban to Bandar Enstek. The much bigger school needed funds to build proper sports facilities. Lini, the iron lady was brilliant, creative and realistic in putting together the run, that later became a Carnival. She put a lot of thinking and detail into many aspects of the Carnival. Apart from her, the committee members of the TKC Old Girls Association (OGA), led by Datin Norhizan Ibrahim or better known as Kak Suzi, were all out in making the project a success. Everyone put their best effort! It was about raising funds of RM500k for the school and putting together a Carnival for 1,000 people.

Only on the third week of December 2014 did we get confirmation of the dates and venue. That was when the ball started rolling fast. We had two and a half months to work towards the TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival, a costume 5km Walk/Run plus many other sporting activities, scheduled on the 15th February at Putrajaya WaterSports Center, Presint 6.

TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival

TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival Sponsors

Long story cut short, the event was a great success with more than 1,000 registered participants. The Carnival received good response from the all walks of life. In fact, there was a long queue of about 200 people for walk-in-registration from 6:45 am onward at the Carnival.


First 1,000 paid participants received Personalised LifelineIDs with TKC OGA logo engraved on it

First 1,000 paid participants received Personalised LifelineIDs with TKC OGA logo engraved on it

It was an amazing experience for many as some walk or run with their batch mates, family members and school friends. We get to witness all sorts of creativity from participants dressing up in their favorite characters and themes. In fact, there was a batch of 20 sisters who dressed up in hand-made tutu and tiaras. The scenic route started from the main event venue around Putrajaya International Convention Center to  Seri Gemilang Bridge and back to the event venue around the lake passing by the new Heriot-Watt University and Pullman Hotel. There were school girls from TKC band performing at certain locations along the route. It was just amazingly colorful and exciting!

Costume Run

Scenic Run in All sorts of Costume

The Carnival was not just about the 5km walk/run. There were many other exciting activities for participants after the run. There was zumba, insanity aerobics and KJ Basketball Challenge at the main event venue. We had sporting First Lady Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and the Minister of Youth and Sports, Khairy Jamaluddin participating and  inaugurating the Carnival.

Datin Seri Rosmah giving away prizes to winners

Datin Seri Rosmah giving away prize to a winner, witnessed by Khairy Jamaluddin, Tan Sri Rafiah Salim and Pn. Mariam Tun Sulaiman

Alhamdullillah, at the Carnival, it was reported that the OGA raised about RM300k. InsyaAllah, with strong determination, team work and strong sisterhood, the school will get its sports facility taking its shape soon. As for me, I was happy to be given the opportunity to pay it forward. I thank Lini and the TKC OGA Committee members for giving me a small role at the Carnival.

Here’s a good overview of the event as captured by Astro Awani

For more information about TKC Walk-a-Run Carnival, visit their facebook page or website. The TKC OGA is still collecting donations, so please feel free to contact them and help the current and future students at Tunku Kurshiah College have proper sports facilities.


Lastly, here’s a special picture of Ida Bakar, Nashata’s Lead Designer and her team : “Run like the RomanCinta Team, Run like a Gypsy”

RomanCinta the Gypsy

Run like the RomanCinta, Run like a Gypsy

No-Holds-Barred Review by Lini Kazim on Nashata Compression Arm Sleeves

Lini Kazim is known in the running and cycling community for her wittiness and zealousness in sports. Youthful, stunning and young at heart, Lini is always caught smiling and jovial whenever we get to see her. We were privileged and humbled to get Lini to test one of our products. She not only tested our compression arm sleeves, but she also was the FIRST to purchase our full support compression bra. Here’s a review by Lini, in her own words.

lini kazim

The arm sleeves by Nashata that I recently tried have a very vibrant fresh pink colour, that is visible from afar. This is an additional benefit for me especially when cycling in order to draw the attention of the motorists of my presence on the road. They fit very comfortably on my mid bicep and the elastic used is fairly soft that I did not have any chafing or irritation even after a 3 hour bike ride. 

I love arm sleeves for a lot of reasons but mainly:
a) they add fashion to my short sleeve shirts 
b) in cold weather, I can start the run/ride with the arm sleeves on and roll down the sleeves when the body warms up
c) they help protect my skin from direct sunlight 
d) for some of my Muslim running friends, they find that the choice of long sleeve running shirts are limited in Malaysia but with these sleeves, they can now opt for short sleeve shirts and complement the shirt with the arm sleeves to cover the aurat. This indirectly benefits me because they now run happy and that makes me happy!

Arm Sleeves

The arm sleeves also feature a thumb hole which I did not use as I prefer to have direct contact with my handle bar for better grip. However, I am sure it is definitely a great feature to have when running either in the cold or to ensure that there is no tan-line at the wrist area! 
The fit for the arm sleeves was very comfortable and I did not at any time felt that they were too tight that it was cutting off my blood circulation! 
Well done Nashata for a great product. 

Thank you Lini!

She suggested a few improvements:
a) UV protection
b) More color options
c) option without the thumb hole

We certainly will take heed about her feedback.

The thumb hole is for sisters who have longer hands and prefer full covering. With the thumb hole, you can rest assured, your aurah around your wrist is covered. But yes, we can provide an option.

What about arm sleeves with prints + UV protection? Do let us know and if you want to take a quick look at the compression arm sleeves Lini tested, all you need is 30 secs of your time 🙂