Nashata Product tested for Cycling and Swimming

Many ask us about swimwear and we are sorry we do not not have that product range yet.

We got to test Nashata skirt compression pants and Iman sports hijab for two activities today : Cycling and Swimming, and would like to share with you our findings. We have tested the compression pants for running before and those who have tested loved them.

Before you read further, watch this video of Nashata Skirt Compression Pants featuring the smartphone holder, pocket with a zip, flair and long skirt on a compression pants. This would help you understand the key features of the skirt compression pants. The material is recommended for triathlon, so they are good for running, cycling and swimming.

For the tests, we used the skirt compression pants (M size) together with the black Iman sports hijab with the grey headband (M size). The top is not a Nashata product.



We tested both items to find out if they are comfort and suitability for swimming. Both were tested for a few laps, between freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke for an hour. A pair of goggles were used during the swim.

Skirt Compression Pants: During the swim, the pants worked perfectly fine. The material is not thick so it was not heavy and swimming was easy.The skirt floated occasionally when the swimmer stood up straight in the water.

Sports Hijab: The material for the current sports hijab is polyester. Hence, it is not the best material for swimming. The material is good for dry use. However, the hijab holds nicely on the head and the material does not float while swimming.  This is because the headband is made of lycra. Swimming with the hijab and goggles on was comfortable. Upon standing up, the swimmer had to ensure the hijab is in order covering the chest.

Swimming in Nashata Skirt Compression Pants & Iman Sports Hijab


Skirt Compression Pants: You can choose to sit on the skirt or sit on the pants while the skirt flair when you cycle. Either way, the skirt covers the thigh nicely so it felt comfortable to cycle in them. Plus the pink does help keeping motorists aware of cyclist presence. What the cyclist like about the pants is the smartphone and zipper locations – at the back, making it easy to take these items while cycling. The pants are not tight from knee to the ankle but not loose that it hinders or stifle you from cycling.

The pants do not come with padding for the bicycle seat, therefore they work fine for short distance.

Sports Hijab: We do know  the hijab is good for cycling, especially if you need to wear the helmet. 🙂

Nashata skirt compressioin pants


We do not recommend the Iman Sports Hijab for swimming due to the material used is not meant for swimming, but if you want to use it in the water, the hijab should fit basic swimming purposes.


Insyaallah, we will produce the swimwear if there is demand.