Celebrating Womanhood : We Pledge To Help Women Achieve Their Fitness Goals

We celebrate the glory of womanhood everyday. But every year on the 8th March, we celebrate the International Women’s Day. In Malaysia, we celebrate fitness for woman at the Malaysia Women Marathon on the 6th March 2016. There is also Penang Zumba Carnival 2016 happening a day earlier, 5th March 2016, at the Stadium Batu Kawan, Penang.

In supporting the International Women’s Day, here’s what the people at Nashata are going to do:

celebrating womanhood

At the store front, we are offering ultra products for fit ladies up to 50% discount. This includes the heather tops, mumtaz hijab and amin extended hijab. The special prices are valid from now until 13th March 2016. Also available at MWM Expo on the 4th & 5th March at Rimbayu.

Here are some suggested tops that go well with the MWM running tee.

Mix and Match : Run in Style

Mix and Match : Run in Style

2. OUR PLEDGE : To Help Women Achieve Their Fitness Goals

This year we are sponsoring 8 runners from Malaysia & Singapore to run the Full Marathon (42 km) at MWM. These are ladies and pacer from various backgrounds and ages but with a common determination to run. Here are the reasons why running a full marathon is important to these awesome runners and how running has helped them in their career and daily life.

  • Ainaa Samsudin, a business analyst
    I run full marathon to challenge myself. Besides building physical strength, I am also training my willpower and mental limits to prove to myself that sometimes it’s just mind over matter. My personal goal at MWM is to finish within the cut off time. Running has helped me in my career by improving how I prioritize and manage time. I learn what is really important to me and I build a schedule to achieve my goals. The corporate world and running scene in Malaysia are not very big and these 2 fields tend to overlap so it’s helpful to have the same interest.

    Azlina & Aina During LSD Training Together

    Azlina & Aina During LSD Training Together

  • Azlina Idris , a full time mom
    I love to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone. To train for a Full Marathon (FM) is not an easy task; it takes sacrifice, determination and physical and mental strength. Becoming a marathoner has been one of my most proudest moment, aside from being a wife and a mom.
    My goal at MWM is to achieve a Personal Best (PB) would be great but seeing how this will be my first FM running with my husband, the main goal would be for both of us to complete the run with no injuries and have fun while doing so.
    Running has given me a sense of balance. When everything seems a little too much, I go out for a run and the problem/issues suddenly doesn’t seem so daunting. I only wish I had discovered the joys of running when I was still working; maybe I wouldn’t have been so stressed all the time. But better late than never!
  • Nur Nahsuhah Binti Zainal Abdin, a medic student
    I love running simply because I love being challenged. When you run 42km with your own time limit, actually you are challenge yourself to do things beyond your limits and it gives you a sense of achievement and satisfaction when you achieve it. This has always teaches me to not give up in every single thing I do and to always believe in myself. Nothing is impossible. The one that can limit you is YOU. Running FM for 5 to 6 hours is not easy and harder in  hot sun..but, what that I learn along the journey is worth the heat. I enjoy  running long hours while being entertained with favourite songs ; it cheers me up in bucket of sweats. MWM is such a great event as it is conducted with much convenience for ladies who want to participate in running events. I would like to complete my run below 5 hours at upcoming MWM. Other than that I would like to be a good example to hijabist ladies, that running modestly will never affect your performance..yup, never. Running never fails to release all those stresses I have to deal with in my  hectic life as a med student. I feel much better after a run. It has helped me to be more confident, positive in many aspects of life and it has widen my network. Running always teaches me to be myself, to be me and stay me. I urge other ladies to set your goals, lace up your shoes, smile proudly to yourself and start running! Because..it does change you in positive way.
Be Inspired by Nahsuhah

Nahsuhah runs 70km a week


3. Fashion Tips specially for Sports Fashionista at MWM 2016

Nashata will be at the MWM Expo 4-5th March. Come look for us at Rimbayu.

At 2:15pm, 4th March we are having a 30 mins Fashion Tips specially for Sports Fashionista at the MWM Expo. We will share about how to dress comfortably yet flattering enough for you to run marathon confidently. Other than that we will be sharing some tips on how to pose and look good for photoshoots while running. Intan Suraya who will be running at the MWM always look good in front of the camera. Find out how she does it!

Intan Suraya running at Pink Ultra 50

Intan Suraya ALWAYS looking great! At the Pink Ultra 50


Happy International Women’s Day girls!


Park Marathon 2015

This is it. The only thing that stands between me and the recognition of being called a ‘marathoner’ is 2.7km, to be repeated for 16 loops around Bukit Jalil Park. So that will be 2.7km x 16 = 43.2km. In order for me to survive those 16 loops, it was important to have: an experienced friend who acted as a pacer, and an updated playlist on my phone. Ears plugged, we did not make a single sound, except the constant rhythm of our shoes hitting the pavement, with some inhaling and exhaling. I did not mind the silence, it helped me keep my focus. The only time we talked was when “I think we are going too fast/ too slow”, or “Hey, I need to go for a toilet break”, or some words of encouragement. It was too early in the morning for conversations anyways.

IMG_2261One foot in front of the next with the pacer (photo credits to Distance Force)

Suddenly, at close to KM21, there was an outburst of laughter. Has my pacer gone mad for running in loops? “Sorry, I just remembered something funny that my cousin did yesterday”. And then I realised what he was doing. He’s taking his mind off the pain which was slowly setting in, and the thought of repeating 400 meters of gain in elevation for 16 times was slowly eating away my positive motivation.


IMG_2272“One 400 meter of hill is ok. I can do this” was slowly turning into “I have to do this again? And again? And again??!!” (photo credits to Seven Chiam)


Close to KM30 I was dizzy. I thought that I no longer needed a pacer since I was more than halfway in the race anyways, so I allowed my friend to speed ahead. I tried not to think about it, but my head was spinning and I was starting to lose my balance, so I leaned in the shade of a tree for a few minutes. Thankfully, when I completed that loop there was ice cream waiting at the aid station. I even splashed a few cups of cold water onto my head to cool myself down. The quick-dry Iman hijab I was wearing helped evaporate the water quickly, so my head felt instantly refreshed. I will finish this race!


IMG_2269Can you tell how much we love the Iman hijab? High five, ladies! (Photo credits to Intan Suraya)

IMG_2252Is this a run or a feast? Kudos to the organizer for the sweet and salty spread to keep us fueled. Coca-cola, mineral water, and isotonic drinks were aplenty.

Halfway at the 15th loop I realised it was already 10 minutes until the cut off time. Upon reaching the aid station, the organizers handed me my finisher tee and medal, saying that I should stop since I have exceeded 7 hours. I was frustrated since I had just one more loop to complete the race, but at 1pm the park was deserted and it was too hot to continue running without supervision. As much as I wanted to complete the course, I decided it was best to listen and stop. I left the race feeling disappointed and I don’t think I will ever do another race in loops, but I’ll do 42km or more all over again at a different event.

IMG_2268It was so hot, I think I finished at least half bottle of that isotonic drink. (Photo credits to Distance Force)

IMG_2263I am so over. with. running. in. loops…. (Photo credits to Distance Force)

IMG_2257But I’ll gladly do 42km all over again in a normal course.

Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.