Celebrating Womanhood : We Pledge To Help Women Achieve Their Fitness Goals

We celebrate the glory of womanhood everyday. But every year on the 8th March, we celebrate the International Women’s Day. In Malaysia, we celebrate fitness for woman at the Malaysia Women Marathon on the 6th March 2016. There is also Penang Zumba Carnival 2016 happening a day earlier, 5th March 2016, at the Stadium Batu Kawan, Penang.

In supporting the International Women’s Day, here’s what the people at Nashata are going to do:

celebrating womanhood

At the store front, we are offering ultra products for fit ladies up to 50% discount. This includes the heather tops, mumtaz hijab and amin extended hijab. The special prices are valid from now until 13th March 2016. Also available at MWM Expo on the 4th & 5th March at Rimbayu.

Here are some suggested tops that go well with the MWM running tee.

Mix and Match : Run in Style

Mix and Match : Run in Style

2. OUR PLEDGE : To Help Women Achieve Their Fitness Goals

This year we are sponsoring 8 runners from Malaysia & Singapore to run the Full Marathon (42 km) at MWM. These are ladies and pacer from various backgrounds and ages but with a common determination to run. Here are the reasons why running a full marathon is important to these awesome runners and how running has helped them in their career and daily life.

  • Ainaa Samsudin, a business analyst
    I run full marathon to challenge myself. Besides building physical strength, I am also training my willpower and mental limits to prove to myself that sometimes it’s just mind over matter. My personal goal at MWM is to finish within the cut off time. Running has helped me in my career by improving how I prioritize and manage time. I learn what is really important to me and I build a schedule to achieve my goals. The corporate world and running scene in Malaysia are not very big and these 2 fields tend to overlap so it’s helpful to have the same interest.

    Azlina & Aina During LSD Training Together

    Azlina & Aina During LSD Training Together

  • Azlina Idris , a full time mom
    I love to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone. To train for a Full Marathon (FM) is not an easy task; it takes sacrifice, determination and physical and mental strength. Becoming a marathoner has been one of my most proudest moment, aside from being a wife and a mom.
    My goal at MWM is to achieve a Personal Best (PB) would be great but seeing how this will be my first FM running with my husband, the main goal would be for both of us to complete the run with no injuries and have fun while doing so.
    Running has given me a sense of balance. When everything seems a little too much, I go out for a run and the problem/issues suddenly doesn’t seem so daunting. I only wish I had discovered the joys of running when I was still working; maybe I wouldn’t have been so stressed all the time. But better late than never!
  • Nur Nahsuhah Binti Zainal Abdin, a medic student
    I love running simply because I love being challenged. When you run 42km with your own time limit, actually you are challenge yourself to do things beyond your limits and it gives you a sense of achievement and satisfaction when you achieve it. This has always teaches me to not give up in every single thing I do and to always believe in myself. Nothing is impossible. The one that can limit you is YOU. Running FM for 5 to 6 hours is not easy and harder in  hot sun..but, what that I learn along the journey is worth the heat. I enjoy  running long hours while being entertained with favourite songs ; it cheers me up in bucket of sweats. MWM is such a great event as it is conducted with much convenience for ladies who want to participate in running events. I would like to complete my run below 5 hours at upcoming MWM. Other than that I would like to be a good example to hijabist ladies, that running modestly will never affect your performance..yup, never. Running never fails to release all those stresses I have to deal with in my  hectic life as a med student. I feel much better after a run. It has helped me to be more confident, positive in many aspects of life and it has widen my network. Running always teaches me to be myself, to be me and stay me. I urge other ladies to set your goals, lace up your shoes, smile proudly to yourself and start running! Because..it does change you in positive way.
Be Inspired by Nahsuhah

Nahsuhah runs 70km a week


3. Fashion Tips specially for Sports Fashionista at MWM 2016

Nashata will be at the MWM Expo 4-5th March. Come look for us at Rimbayu.

At 2:15pm, 4th March we are having a 30 mins Fashion Tips specially for Sports Fashionista at the MWM Expo. We will share about how to dress comfortably yet flattering enough for you to run marathon confidently. Other than that we will be sharing some tips on how to pose and look good for photoshoots while running. Intan Suraya who will be running at the MWM always look good in front of the camera. Find out how she does it!

Intan Suraya running at Pink Ultra 50

Intan Suraya ALWAYS looking great! At the Pink Ultra 50


Happy International Women’s Day girls!


Don’t forget your prayers even when you’re running

How do you prepare yourself for prayers when the running event slits between the praying time?

A common question that is always brought up in a running event that’s held at Fajr (sunrise) and Maghrib (sunset). Well, it’s not hard as it sounds. You just have to get use to it.

Tips that can be used to keep you ready for prayers


Sports Attire

  1. Wear a sports outfit that are well covered and can be used for prayers. Nashata offers a range that you could wear for prayers.
    Azlina Idris wears the Nashata Riada top and pants. Here’s her review.
    “During the SCKLM, I was also able to perform Subuh prayers without the need for a telekung.”
  2. If you want to pray in more hygienic manner, it’s probably best if you bring your prayer veil in a small backpack. Make sure the prayer veil is light enough so your running speed won’t get affected.
  3. For men and women, you can do the prayer with sports shoes you wear. But make sure you do not step on dirty items and you are sure your shoes are clean. Women can wear socks to avoid seen aurah during prayer.



  1. If you want to reduce time for ablution, take it before your activity starts.
  2. If you are short on time for morning prayers, you can just stop for a while and pray. You don’t have to take shower because sweating doesn’t cause your prayers invalid – Ustaz Muhammad Yusuf Kadir-
  3. If your route passes by water stations, you could use the water provided for ablution. However, be caution. Organisers or volunteers may not allow you to use allocated drinking water for ablution. Try negotiate. Don’t use too much water.
  4. You can bring along a 100ml spray as ablution. It is small and easy to carry. Here’s a video on how to perform ablution using a 100 ml spray bottle.

5. Ladies, you can take ablution in public if you have the Nashata Iman Sports Hijab on.  Watch this video to find out how to take ablution with hijab on.


What should you do if it is too late for prayer time?

1) Find a place that is believed to be clean for praying.

2) Know the direction of Mecca. You can download the Qibla direction indicator applications in the mobile phone or carry a compass direction in advance. There are many free apps in Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) that you can download.

3) Use cloth as mat

4) For the purposes of safety for women, be sure to pray in public areas that are closed but safe. Ideally, if you pray in an area that isn’t intended for prayers, make sure you are not alone.


Nevertheless, Be Prepared!

Here are some action items you could do prior to the running events:

1) Ask the organizers relevant info for prayers.

2) Find a nearby gas stations along the way to use (there are many gas stations that provide a place to pray)

3) Search for the nearest mosque.

4) You can use the latest technology to find relevant information via internet or GPS applications to find any mosque.

5) Know the timing and location of your prayers or provided nearby. You can devise how long you will be running or cycling exercises of performance before the event. Make plans in advance to visit the site so that you become more aware of your surroundings.

6) Know praying times at the location of sporting events in advance. This is especially important when you join sporting events abroad.

Running Hijabists

Running Hijabists

Every good action you do is countable as deeds. No matter where you are, always remember prayer is the pillar of religion.

Good Luck & Share With Your Muslim Friends!


The Weekend Runner: Race Dilemmas


Lately I have been in a deep state of dilemma when I realized there were so many good races towards the second half of the year, yet so little time for me to participate. I had to sell or give away a few race kits to fit into my schedule because new, much more interesting races keep popping up (transferring race kits is not advisable but we’ll save that story for a different day). If I can be in two places at the same time I would have signed up for everything! Unfortunately, until scientists invent time travelling, I have to prioritize.


So here some determining factors that I use as a guidance when I am stuck between choosing 2 (or more) races:

Step 1: Determine your distance

-There are no rules stating that you must start by 5KM races, then gradually progress to 42KM. I am a big believer of ‘you can do anything, as long as you train for it.’ However, I like to use shorter goals and milestones as a build up to the full marathon. For example, when choosing races, half marathons and trail runs take precedence over shorter races such as 10KM or 5KM. I focus on longer distances or more challenging terrains for now because they are a part of my full marathon training. If you already have a distance in mind that you are aiming for, then by all means, go for that race instead.

Step 2: Organizer’s background check.

– Unless if the race you plan to enter is an inaugural event, such as Nike We Run KL or Reebok Spartan Race, it is best to read up on last year’s event to determine how reliable are the organizers. You might also want to check the sponsors too so you can look forward to the goody bags and coupons. For example, Penang Bridge Marathon were organized by reputable people but I was disappointed on last year’s event because it was not up to my expectations. Therefore, bigger event does not always mean better organizers. If you trust the organizers, then yes by all means, go for that race instead.





Some organizers went to great lengths to impress. Some were meh, uneventful or insignificant. Some needed much improvement.

Step 3: Fun Factor.

– Running should not feel like a chore. You should never wake up at 4 am on a race day and wish you spent time in bed instead. After all, you decided to participate because you want to enjoy the experience. If running in mud, being thrown with coloured powder, or running with your friends makes the race much more enjoyable for you, then by all means yes, go for that race instead.


Wow Run 2015 Malaysia


Nashata Wow Run 2015

If running with your fellow sisters makes you happy, then by all means yes, go for this race!

If you ever find yourself stuck between 2 or more races, just remember the 3 steps as a guidance. Is there any other determining factor that you use when you are torn between choosing 2 races?


Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.

EXCITING running events in this JANUARY!

School holiday and New Year holiday was past, and its time to boost back your energy to the limit and keep healthy in 2014. Below are some Exciting running events list to be join!


05: MPIB Run | Padang Merbuk, Kuala Lumpur | 5km, 8km, 12km |

12: Penang Run Series 4 | Teluk Bahang, Pulau Pinang | HM |

12: SkyHawk Nature Run | Jalan Tasik, Ayer Keroh, Melaka | HM |

19: Fun-D Bazaar Charity Run | SS2 Mall, Petaling Jaya, Selangor | 5km, 10km |

26: The Burden Run | Sport Science Stadium, University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur | 10.2km |



Alhamdulillah for a Blessed 2013

2013 is Nashata’s inaugural year, Alhamdulillah with the support of our fantastic customers, supporters and partners, we participated in various activities and build numerous content on active lifestyle.

Here’s a list of what we have done in 2013 apart from building and improving Nashata products:

  • 1 Fashion Show
  • 2 Sports Expos
  • 1 Running Event Sponsored
  • 4 ‘Be Inspired’ Stories of Active Women
  • 22 Sports, Fitness and Health Tips
  • 12 Sports Quotes
  • NEW YEAR 2014 Active Lifestyle Downloadable Calendar

All of which started in May 2013 and it has been an exciting journey for us; meeting our customers, working with partners and making everyone “actively” happy. We would like to thank our customers and partners for the eventful 2013.

InsyaAllah, in 2014, we will build more and better products for women who seek “active yet modest look”. We will also be involved in sporting activities other than producing and sharing more sports, fitness and health related content for women.

Our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers and supporters. We always love getting feedback and suggestions from our customers and partners, so please continue having conversations with us!

May 2014 be a great year for everyone! InsyaAllah, for an active lifestyle!

Nashata New Year Greetings

Why being a plus-size does not hinder Nadia to have an active lifestyle

Nadia Ahmad is an avid runner and participates actively in running events. She started participating in running events in 2011. We were given the opportunity to interview her and understand what motivates her to run and how she overcomes her shyness so that she can be out there and have an active lifestyle.

muslimah nadia


What type of sports do you participate?

I am not a hardcore athlete but I play a bit of everything from badminton, Frisbee throwing, bowling to a 30 minute brisk walking. I play just to get myself moving.

How frequent do you exercise?

It depends. Sometimes it’s just 2-3 times a week and I do have my lazy days. Honestly with the recent Raya celebration, I have fell off the wagon very hard i.e. haven’t exercised for the past 2 months. So, I’m slowly taking those baby steps to start sweating the weight off.

Who do you exercise with and why?

I usually do it with friends, family and colleagues. I am surrounded with active people. At the office, I have to climb 6-8 flight of stairs daily to meet colleagues. During the weekends, it’s a brisk walking activity (or actually a race) with my mum and brother around the hilly city of Johor Bahru. Meeting up with friends are usually done at shopping malls so we can meet up, do some retail therapy  and at the same time get some footwork activity.

The reason why I started exercising was just to get healthy. My family and I was shaken up after the passing of my dad of the eve of Raya Puasa 6 years ago due to diabetes. Since then my family have started to be health conscious and just made it a point to get healthy together by having brisk walking session every weekends. So usually the whole family will spend around 1-2 hours walking around the Istana Garden area or Johor Bahru city. We walk at our own pace (usually it’s just me chasing after my mum and my brothers are at their own speed).

What motivates to you exercise?

Initially the intention of exercise was to loose weight. I was so inspired after watching the biggest loser.  I did lose 10 kg by proper diet and exercise. After a while (due to limited knowledge) 5 kg of the weight came back. So I got bored with the aerobic and the normal brisk walking route. I told myself, if I were to participate in a 5 kilometer run, maybe I would lose more weight. I took part in a running event and it surely was a confidence booster. I felt great about myself. Accepted my body for what it is (mind you I am  a plus size muslimah) and I didn’t bother about trying to look thin.

When did you start participating in running events?

The initial idea to participate came up while I was on my way to attend my part time classes in Kuala Lumpur (KL). On a normal routine, I would reach KL around 8 am and I would still make it in time for class. However, on that particular Sunday, I was caught up in traffic. So I was sick to my stomach knowing I am already late for class and suddenly a flood of people was passing by. When I looked up, I saw these people were wearing the same running shirt/vest from the Standard Chartered KL Marathon, running and walking. From there, it just crossed my mind that I would like to join such event one day.

Thus, when I got bored with my usual routine of aerobic and brisk walking route, I braved myself to register for a 5 kilometer event which I thought I could not complete. In order to kill the fear of going alone, I managed to drag my colleagues and brother to join as well. So 26 June 2011 was a date to remember where I finished my first 5KM in 40 minutes.

I am still gathering up my courage to participate in an actual marathon event either full marathon (FM) distance of 42.195KM or half marathon (HM) distance of 21.0975KM. So I am getting there. Right now it’s just participating in running event with distances between 10-15KM

How many running events  do you plan to participate in a year?

I haven’t set any specific number of events but the basic rule of thumb is at least 1 running event per month. So if I can get 20 events per year is already a bonus and earn me some bragging rights

How do you do to prepare yourself for a run?

Like I said previously I am no athlete so I don’t have any proper training methods to get ready for a run. I have been told that if I were to train for a half marathon, my weekly mileage should be about 40-50KM and for full marathon, it should be around 70-80KM. It’s a matter of how you build your stamina. Sometimes, I go hiking to conquer hill running and occasionally I do Zumba just to get the heart pumping fast.

What is your sporting goal?

Insya-Allah my goal is to conquer ultra marathon distance i.e. 100KM before I reach 40. In the meantime, conquering half marathon distance will be my 2014 target and a full marathon for 2015.

What do you wear and what are your gears while training?

Usually, I wear my yoga pants and running event tshirt with the inner inside. My spi belt to fit in my car keys. My phone and my headphones are kept in my armband which is a must to get me moving when I am so not in the mood to sweat it off. Come to think of it that’s a lot of items

What do wear and what are your gears you need to have with you at a marathon?

I basically wear the same yoga pants since I can’t find a compression tight in my size. Not forgetting Nashata Riada shirt. I like the Nashata riada shirt because I don’t have to worry about my phone and headphones bouncing about. If it is a morning event, I bring a towel or running cap with me. If it’s an evening event, a towel would usually be enough.

Any advise to our sisters who want to start having an active lifestyle?

For those muslimah who wish to have a start on an active lifestyle but are still hesitating, just bear in mind that Allah has amanah this body or vessel to us. Thus it is our responsibility to take proper care of it to ensure that we remain healthy to continue our ibadah to Him.

Honestly, I am not an athlete. I am not a school runner. I am just a normal muslimah who makes time for herself to get healthy. Maybe I can’t speak for those muslimah who are mothers and wife (which I  truly applaud them), but I can speak for those muslimah who feel shy to get active.

Believe me when I say I had the same mindset but I changed that mindset when I told myself that this is my body and those people who are teasing or mocking will not pay for my medical bills when I get sick. Since I am a plus size muslimah, those taunts will haunt me but then again I have nothing to prove but myself. Once you cross that finish line of any event, the feeling of accomplishment regardless how long it took will be worth it (plus some bragging rights!)


So go on and get active. Losing weight is one thing but feeling good about yourself and your body is another.