Compression-Wear Released @ the 4th Malaysia Sports Trend and Games Expo (MSTGE’13)

It took us a few months to build compression products that are modest for women. We pay great attention to little details to ensure every women gets a good sporting experience covered modestly.

We are all excited to release two new products at the Malaysia Sports Trend and Game Expo (MSTGE’13) which is happening 24-27th October 2013 at the Mines Exhibition Center.

They are the compression arm sleeves and the compression skirt pants.

Compression Skirt Pants

Now, every women can wear a compression sports pants MODESTLY! Here are the reasons why :

1. All-In-One
Our compression skirt pants are compression pants that come with a skirt, ALL-IN-ONE. You don’t need to purchase a sports skirt separately.

nashata compression sportsskirt

2. Smartphone Holder
The compression pants come with a mobile phone holder on the right, sizable enough for Samsung i8552 model (13cm x 7cm x 1cm dimension). We have also tried an iphone for the phone holder and holds perfectly well during a run. As long as your phone is not bigger than the Samsung i8552, your phone is good to fit in the holder!

3. Zipper Pocket
There is another zipper pocket on the left to keep keys and money when you run. With this, you do need  not to worry about loosing your items during a run.

Mobile Phone Holder Samsung 8552 Phone holder 

4. Flair Pink Skirt
We offer a pink flair skirt to add the feminine in you. The pink skirt has a trail of Nashata motif on it covering the compression pants. With this, it covers your phone and items in the pocket on your compression pants. Not only that, you can now run or cycle in a compression pants without worrying about exposing your thigh and lower torso. They are covered by the flair skirt!

5. Longer Length
The skirt skirt longer than the existing sports skirts available in the market. It is slightly above your knee. The length of the pants is long, all the way to your ankle. It ranges from 86cm – 93cm. This is to suit muslim women who needs better covering.

Retail Price : RM189
Sizes : M, L and XL
Material : Polyester and Spandex


Compression Arm Sleeves

The compression arm sleeves comes in two colors; black and pink. The detail features of the arm sleeves are highlighted in our earlier post
Black Compression Arm SleevesCompression Arm Sleeves

Retail Price : RM89
Free Size
Material : Polyester and Spandex