All Smiles at the Score Marathon Run The Day

The Score Marathon has definitely made my running in the city of Kuala Lumpur a marvelous experience. The route for the half marathon, 21 km took me around the heart of KL, starting from the Berjaya Time Square. What I like most about the run is the route – scenic features of the city skyline, parks and undulating hills of the city.  The route is similar to the Standard Charted KL Marathon, but lesser crowd. There were about 3,500 half marathon runners, 2,700 ten KM runners among the 13,000 participants at the Score Marathon.

I was glad the organiser moved the venue from Bukit Jalil to Berjaya Time Square. Running in the city was truly a lovely experience.

Score Marathon

The roads were well-managed and I felt safe running throughout. There were water stations serving 100 plus and water at every 3 km with one serving banana a few kilometers before the finish line. The run started at 5am and the roads were well lighted with many marshals on motorbikes. I felt safe although it was quite dark until the sun rose at about 7am.

Some of the iconic buildings that I passed were National Mosque, Islamic Museum, Merdeka Square, POS Malaysia, Sasana Kijang, PWTC, Pavilion KL, Bursa Malaysia and close enough to see the KL Tower and KLCC Twin Towers. The runners passed the National Mosque at KM 8, and it was well suited for morning prayers. Most muslim runners stopped at the mosque for prayers.

Towards the finish line – Photo by Marlina Ibrahim

I was not certain if the distance was accurate or not as my Garmin watch recorded a distance of 24 km and so did many of the other Garmin users with extra mileage. GPS can be inaccurate in city area with tall buildings. It was a bit tough to do a personal best due to the famous hilly routes. I was accompanying a friend, Farhani who ran her 1st half marathon and our goal was to finish and enjoy the run. Indeed we did. We took many pictures to cherish her 1st half marathon. She trained really hard for this. Ladies who plan to take up long distance running be it half or full marathon can join .Nashata  Weekend Training

It was a thumbs up experience at the Score Marathon 2019 – from registering the run, picking up the race kit, running and finishing run.

Now, some pictures of the runners and the city of Kuala Lumpur!

Our 1st stop – Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Cool and hilly route, well lighted

Run like a tourist


The KL Tower on the backdrop as we cruise on Jalan Sultan Ismail

On Jalan Kuching Photo Credit : Score Marathon

At this point, it was about 2 more KM to go with KLCC Tower on the backdrop

The running sisters – Farhani and Farhati ran the half marathon

With brother and cousin who finished their half marathon



Active Bumblebees at SCORE RUN 2014

Yellow and Black were the common colors at the SCORE RUN. It looked like thousands of bumblebees were at the Padang Merbok Sunday 8 June 2014. There were only two categories at the fist SCORE Run; 10 km and 15 km. The run, participated by about 3,600 runners was organised by Mantra.

10km SCORE RUN 2014

The first flag-off was at 630am for the 15 km run. Five out of seven Nashata runners joined the 15 km runner slightly late. We later discovered the starting point was further up hill where the bigger Race Arch was. Many others missed the early bumble bee runners as they were waiting around the other race arch area.

By 610 am onwards, the crowd for the 10km run started to build up. There were a few 15 km late runners who got their way through the 10 km crowd and dashed off. Patricia Tan flagged the 10km runners off a couple of mins before 7am and so all the 3,600 runners ran their way through the cool and hilly route along Jalan Parlimen and Bukit Tunku area.

Many of us enjoyed the route as it was a cool and safe, and the roads were nice. Water stations were well managed and paramedics were seen along the way. In fact, a lady fell while running and the paramedics were close-by to give immediate help. Thumbs up for that. We love the happy cameramen from Amateur Sports Team known as RFF. They took awesome moment of happy runners!

The last landmark before the run ended was the Tugu Negara, a few hundred meters before runners grab finisher medals.
All in all, it was a great run.

There are few items would be nice to have:

  •  Visible Clock / Timer
    The RFID tag attached  to the bib is not utilized. (at least for us)


  • Announcement about STARTING point at the main event area
  • We love efforts to safe the planet and love to see more use of recyclable cups at water stations. There were a mix of plastic and paper cups used at water station.

Here are some pictures of happy RUNNERS. To hijabists and sisters out there, keep an active lifestyle like our other sisters. Keep running and stay fit, modestly.


We look forward for more OUTSTANDING sporting events by SCORE. Below are a couple scheduled this year:

  • SCORE Cycle 2014
    9 November 2014 at Putrajaya
    Largest Zumba
    2 November 2014 at Dataran Merdeka

See you there InsyaAllah!