Pushing Your Limits on International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day to our readers.

Did you do anything special on Women’s Day? Many sisters spent their day making their marks, pushing themselves to a different level on the 8th March 2015.

Here are 3 highlights of our fit sisters:

1. Two WINNING Full Marathons within a week for Nur Nahsuhah

Nahsuhah, a 22 medical student at UNIMAS Sarawak, completed her virgin Full Marathon (42.195km) on the 1st March 2015 at the X12 Dark Run, Nexus Karambunai Resort & Spa, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. She finished top 2 for Women’s Open Category at 4 hour and 54 minutes. Seven days after her first full marathon,  she competed at the Malaysia Women Marathon in Shah Alam, where she finished top 7 for Emerald Category. She improved her performance and finished within 4 hour and 49 minutes.

She flew into Shah Alam to brave through her second full marathons in a week! Isn’t that amazing!

Nur Nasuhah

Nur Nasuhah at X12 Dark Run & MWM 2015

2. Finishers at the Malaysia Women Marathon (MWM)

Full Marathon

10 sisters of Nashata, including Nahsuhah, Intan Suraya, Azlina, Arliza, Masnida and Azyan  ran Full Marathon at MWM. Some of them are amazing women who ran their virgin marathon. It was an amazing experience as the run not only brought them together, but also strengthen the sisterhood among themselves. It takes a strong and determined person to run a marathon.

“Running might not be an enjoyable past time for me if it was not for Nashata running clothes. Comfortable and modest, just what a running muslimah needs.”, Azlina Idris (Along) virgin full marathon runner

MWM Finisher

MWM Finishers

Finishers & Pacers

Whatever the distance and category it may be, 5km, 10km and 21km all finishers and pacers are Winners! There were family members who ran together, friends from old school, university and workplace who decided to catch up and ran together. Eat, Sleep and Exercise – A healthy arrangement for girl get-together. Some paced their family and friends, some ran for the fun, and some cheered for each other till the finishing line.

Whatever the reason may be, it was definitely for the betterment of one’s body and soul!

Run Modestly, Run in Nashata!

3. An upgrade from Full Marathon to Ultra for Eda

What is next for those who have graduated from Full Marathon numerous time?  Eda Fatimawati, Nashata’s Fitness Evangelist, who ran numerous full marathons ran her first ultra on Women’s Day! She ran and finished strong 50km at the TiTi100 Road Ultra Marathon.


Eda the Ultra Marathoner @ TITI100 Road Ultra Marathon

Our sisters have accomplished fitness to the next level on Women’s Day. CONGRATULATIONS!

Lastly, here’s a special pose by Intan Suraya when she ran full marathon at MWM!

intan mwm
Intan Suraya, Running Happy at the Malaysia Women Marathon 2015 #womensday


First Half Marathon – For Wimpy Legs

The first experience is always memorable. So here’s my story running first half marathon.

My wimpy legs

I have always been a swimmer as swimming has low impact on my legs. Running was never my thing due to my weak legs since young. I would fall on my knees when I jumped to catch a ball when I was young. I was neither an athlete, nor a sportswoman, and I was always the first from the back to reach the finishing lines at school runs. I did no proud for my house.

I continued to swimming  and in-line skate when I was out of school, during university days and till today, I enjoy both. However, I got to know the beautiful running community in Malaysia mid 2013, and started running. I thought I should try after without much training, or rather 2 months preparation, my family and I managed to climb Mount Kinabalu in January 2013. We were slow but surely reached Low’s Peak (the highest peak at Mount Kinabalu). It was not easy, but not impossible.

Why Run Now?

I thought of giving it a try since there is no pressure to be super good, now that I am not at school. Although it is still a competitive sports, I could be myself and train at my own pace and improve. I could still try despite my limitations and no one would brush me aside for not being good enough.  So I started running when I have time. From 3 km to 5 km to 10 km and 12 km. I do not join running groups as I don’t have the luxury of time due to many many other commitments in hands. I train when I can steal the time, be it at night or early in the morning. Most of the time, unplanned, hence – alone 3 times on weekdays and every Saturday and Sunday for average of 5 km each run. Reality is – I need to train and collect mileage. There is no short cut for that!

I get a lot of support from friends and family. My daughters and husband run with me. It serves as quality and healthy time for the family. My cousin and friends who are avid marathon runners happily agree to pace me for my first half marathon. I have never ran or train more than 12 km. But due to time constraint, I gave it a try at the Cyberjaya Twin City Marathon on the 21st December 2014. Eda Fatimawati and Intan Suraya gave me loads of encouragement and tips before the run. Karen Loh the founder of Malaysia Women Marathon (MWM) has always been supporting my intent to run a full marathon in 2015 by introducing me to running groups and giving me loads of encouragement. So does Lini Kazim, the iron lady. The undivided support from the running community is simply amazing.

Classy Looking Medal, Nice kan?

Classy Looking Medal, Nice kan?

How did the 1st Run Go?

At 5am, Eda, Intan and I started running from Persiaran Flora, Cyberjaya. The first 5 km was good, and both Eda and Intan said with the pace we were going at 7 min/km, we could finish in 2.5 hour. I was just aiming to finish, but upon hearing that remark, I thought I should finish below 3 hours. The next 6 km was alright despite running uphill twice at Cyberheights and along the Cyberjaya/Putrajaya intersection. After a 5 min subuh prayer at 12 km, my energy level went down. It was close to 7am and I was afraid of the sun. Somehow sunshine and my energy level never correlates. Plus, I have never ran more than 12 km before.

FInding Reason to Slow Down, so I took Eda & Intan's pic at km 17

FInding Reason to Slow Down, so I took Eda & Intan’s pic at km 17

My legs were heavier and I was not able to push the same pace as the first 12km. I kept looking at my watch and knew it would be hard to reach soon since my pelvic bone was stiff. I kept telling myself – “I don’t want to get injured”. So I took it slow;  ran and stopped a few times. Having to run with friends was fun. The route was rather plain, so a lil laugh and jokes with girlfriends helped. Eda (Nashata Fitness Evangelist) and Intan (Model of Nashata) ran effortlessly and that motivated me to be effortless too. But of course with much TRY. They were not pushing me rather, going at my pace.

It was a cool day, yet the sunshine tired me further..

When we were about 20 meter away from the finishing line, the timing was 2:57… and I was happy. We reached the finishing line at 2:58:05. We were greeted by my daughters and brother who completed their 5km fun run earlier. Dizzy and dehydrated, I took a sit and had my favourite drink.

Ran as Buddies Ran in a TeamUs – upon reaching finishing line. YAY!

I wouldn’t have made it under 3 hour without Eda and Intan. I was happy to have ran with these fabulous ladies. We made it as a team and no one was injured during and after the run.

My first 21km was a NUDGE to train more and harder. I have less than 3 months to train for my first 42km. It looks like I have to train 3 times harder.

With Max Lim RunwitMe, Intan and Eda

With Max Lim RunwitMe, Intan and Eda

So, What are the Health Benefits?

To me,

  • Running has definitely improved my eating habits. I tend to eat lesser and more fruits. My body naturally wants better food intake
  • I drink more water to stay hydrated
  • I have improved my stamina and strength. My legs are a lot stronger now –  no longer wimpy. So I am happy! I shall #runstrong!
Nashata is one of the sponsors at Cyberjaya Putrajaya Twincity Run

Nashata was one of the sponsors at Cyberjaya Putrajaya Twincity Run



Be Inspired : 17% Berat Badan Hilang dalam 3 Bulan. Ketahuilah bagaimana Cik Masriena lakukannya

Ada masalah berat badan dan anda sudah cuba pelbagai cara untuk kurus?

Kami berpeluang untuk menyingkapi bagaimana Cik Masriena Ja’afar berjaya menguruskan badan dan megekalkan gaya hidup yang aktif. Beliau berjaya mengurangkan berat badan sebanyak 13.3kg atau 17% daripada berat badan dalam masa 3 bulan.

Beliau bukan sahaja dapat menguruskan badan, tetapi juga dapat menjalinkan Persahabatan dan menguatkan Stamina melalui aktiviti beliau.

1) Latar Belakang Hidup

Cik Masriena dilahirkan di Selangor dan dibesarkan di Kuala Lumpur. Ayah beliau Ja’afar Hassan bekerja di Kedutaan Switzerland, manakala ibunya, Maimunah Mat sebagai surirumah. Beliau merupakan anak sulung dari 5 orang perempuan. Bersekolah rendah dan menengah di Kuala Lumpur dan sambung diploma dalam bidang perakaunan di Institut Profesional Baitulmal, usahasama UITM. Kini beliau bekerja di Gleneagles Hospital dan hampir mencecah 7 tahun pada tahun ini. Beliau mula naik sejak dari Darjah 6, seterusnya ke sekolah menengah, kolej dan sekarang, di alam pekerjaan. Berat badan beliau tidak sesuai dengan ketinggian yang hanya 151cm.

Mari kita ikuti kisah perjalanan Cik Masriena Ja’afar yang penuh semangat dan kesedaran dalam proses penurunan berat badan beliau. Bukannya susah untuk melakukannya jika betul-betul fokus untuk mencapai matlamat yang di ingini.


2) Bilakah mula bernekad untuk menguruskan badan?

Hujung tahun December 2013, saya mula diperkenalkan dengan Facebook Kevin Zahri. Saya mula mengikuti perkembangan aktiviti beliau, iaitu Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia (JK1M) cabaran 6 minggu. 11 Januari 2014 saya sendiri menyertai program JK1M bersama Kevin di bawah pimpinan team leader Ampang-Setapak-Wangsa Maju, Eda Fatimawati & Mohd Ridwan. Dalam program ini, saya berkenalan dengan 50 orang ahli yang mempunyai niat, azam & semangat yang sama, iaitu NAK KURUS !

3) Apakah yang menyebabkan bernekad untuk menguruskan badan?

Latar belakang ibu ayah memainkan peranan penting untuk saya kekal sihat dan cergas. Tambahan pula, saya mempunyai 4 orang adik perempuan. Persaingan antara kami, yang bergelar perempuan juga salah satu faktor untuk saya menguruskan badan. Perubahan yang mendadak, dari seorang yang aktif sukan terus ke pasif. Saya juga ingin kelihatan cantik dari segi dalam dan luar.

4) Apakah program dan aktiviti yang dilakukan untuk menguruskan badan? Berapa kerapkah anda bergiat dalam aktiviti tersebut?

Tuahnya saya di bawah Eda & Wan ialah, mereka juga seperti kami yang lain, pernah gemuk dan berjaya menguruskan badan mereka. Dengan berlatarbelakangkan pelari marathon, kami dilatih dan didedahkan dengan aktiviti larian. Program JK1M fokus kepada aktiviti bersama pada hujung minggu, antaranya 3 jam Jom Fit di Tasik Titiwangsa, ‘circuit training’, running clinic di Taman Layang-layang, ‘trail run’ di TTDI, 13km ‘hike-run-walk’ di FRIM, dodgeball, ‘dumble & running challenge’ di Tasik Keramat. Secara tidak langsung, rasa seronok untuk berlari telah dipupuk. Pada hari biasa, saya berlatih berlari pada Selasa & Khamis di Tasik Titiwangsa bersama rakan JK1M. Selain itu, badminton, futsal dan ‘circuit training’ juga antara aktiviti yang kami lakukan.

5) Apakah target anda apabila anda mula-mula bernekad untuk menguruskan badan?

Target saya cuma satu pada waktu itu, NAK KURUS ! Tetapi apabila telah menyertai program ini, kami mengubah target untuk kurus dan kekal aktif dengan pemakanan dan hidup yang sihat.

6) Adakah anda dapat mencapai ‘target’ pertama anda dan bila?

Penyertaan dan fokus saya dalam aktiviti ini tidak sia sia. Selepas tiga minggu dalam cabaran ini, saya boleh muat pakai semula baju kurung moden kegemaran. Perasaan ketika itu memang tidak dapat digambarkan. Semangat untuk teruskan usaha turunkan berat badan bertambah. Tambahan, saya memenangi cabaran 6minggu ini dengan berjaya menurunkan berat badan sebanyak 8.8kg bersamaan 11%. Ini merupakan satu bonus bagi saya.

7) Apakah perbezaan berat badan anda dulu dan sekarang?

Berat saya pada 11 Januari 2014 ialah 78.9kg dan sekarang, 12 April 2014, 65.6kg.



8) Apakah perasaan anda apabila dapat mencapai target menguruskan badan?

Perasaan syukur dan gembira yang tidak terhingga. Perasaan ini membuatkan saya bertekad untuk terus kekal aktif dan capai kepada berat ideal saya.


9) Bagaimanakah anda mengekalkan berat badan dan terus aktif dalam aktiviti sukan?

Acara larian pertama yang saya sertai bersama rakan JK1M ialah ‘MERCY RUN 7km’. Tidak pernah sesekali terfikir yang saya akan menyertai acara-acara larian seperti ini. Antara acara larian lain yang akan saya sertai pada 2014, agar sentiasa kekal aktif ialah ‘Malaysian Woman Marathon Fun Run 5km’, ‘Autism Run 10km’, ‘Malaysian Breakfast Run 7km’, ‘Run for Peace 5.5km’, ‘Brooks 10km’, ‘Score Run 10km’ dan ‘Standard Chartered 10km’. Saya juga berazam untuk berlari half marathon (21km) pada hujung tahun ini di ‘Penang Bridge International Marathon’. Selain terlibat aktif dalam acara larian, saya bersama rakan mencuba aktiviti baru iaitu ‘Boothcamp’, di mana ia lebih tertumpu kepada ‘body weight’ aktiviti. Sebagai pemenang JK1M 1, saya telah diberi peluang untuk melanjutkan program ini ke musim ke-2 secara percuma. Peluang ini saya ambil untuk meramaikan kenalan dan secara tidak langsung menambahkan semangat dan ilmu dari team leader yang lain.

10) Bagaimanakah anda membahagi masa untuk bersukan dan bekerja?

Program ini secara tidak langsung membuatkan saya kembali aktif dalam bidang sukan. Pembahagian masa adalah sangat penting supaya saya dapat menjayakan azam saya ini dengan cemerlang. Walauapapun, keluarga dan kerjaya adalah perkara utama yang akan saya dahulukan selepas aktiviti sukan.

11) Siapakah dan apakah yang mendorong untuk terus bergiat aktif?

Keluarga saya sudah semestinya menjadi tunggak utama dalam ‘success story’ saya. Selain mereka, team leader, Eda & Wan serta rakan-rakan saya dalam JK1M #ampangvipers terutama kepada Jas, Iera, Farah, Azrul, Apie, Zira, Kak Fanim, Kak Jazz, Kak Shamy serta team leader, Marini Amin dan dan rakan rakan JK1M musim 2 #wangsawarriors. Eda , Wan & Marini juga pernah mengalami masalah berat sebelum ini. Success story mereka membuatkan saya lagi bersemangat dan percaya ‘nothing is impossible’. Jika mereka boleh berjaya dan kekal aktif sehingga sekarang, kenapa tidak saya? Mereka adalah insan yang meyakinkan diri saya untuk terus success.

12) Apakah teknologi  yang anda guna untuk aktiviti sukan? Ianya termasuklah teknologi yang digunakan untuk berhubung dengan rakan sukan, gadget dan aplikasi yang digunakan.

Laman social Facebook & Instagram. Telegram & Whatsapp untuk kami bertukar pendapat dan berhudung berkaitan aktiviti kami. Peralatan di gym seperti trademill, cross training, body weight, cycling.

13) Bagaimanakah pula dengan pemakanan anda? Dulu dan sekarang, adakah ianya berbeza atau sama?

Saya pernah mengamalkan diet, tetapi dengan mengikat perut. Cuma makan waktu tengahari sahaja dan mengambil pil kurus dan bersenam dengan menjadi ahli pusat gym. Tapi itu semua hanya sementara, seperti hangat-hangat tahi ayam. Berat badan saya naik mendadak pada tahun 2013 apabila saya berhenti makan sejenis ubat kurus yang agak popular.  akhirnya saya putus asa dan makan apa sahaja yang saya ingin. Tetapi dengan program ini, saya telah diberi segala ilmu berkaitan pemakanan diet, iaitu ‘eatclean’ dengan makan 5 kali sehari. 3 kali makanan utama (sarapan pagi, tengahari & malam) dan diselangi ‘snack’ di antara makanan utama. Dengan cara ini, kite berasa kenyang walaupun dengan kuantiti yang sedikit tetatpi kerap.

14) Apakah 3 kelebihan yang paling penting yang anda kecapi apabila aktif dalam sukan?

Mempunyai stamina yang aktif. Persahabatan. Kepuasan.

Jom Kurus

15) Apakah matlamat anda seterusnya?

Matlamat saya untuk kekal aktif dan sihat serta mencapai berat badan ideal sesuai dengan ketinggian saya. Full Marathon in shaa allah. It is still along journey for me but never give up till I achieve my goal.

Kita akan sokong dan ikuti perkembangan beliau sehingga ke full marathon.

Nashata is always behind any women who seek an active lifestyle.

Nashata Challenge for JK1M Ampang-Setapak-Wangsa Maju

Eda Fatimawati used to be obese and lost weight through fitness. She is now one of the team leaders at JomKurus 1 Malaysia program for Ampang, Setapak and Wangsa Maju area. Together with her lead partner, Eda and Wan have the right fit to train others, especially on how to loose weight as they faced weight issue and managed to overcome their problems.

During the fifth week session, the team had Women’s Challenge Week, where they had to compete in a Dumbbell Body Shape Workout & Women’s Challenge at Taman Tasik Datuk Keramat. Two winners get to participate in Nashata 5km Fun Run at the Malaysian Women Marathon on the 16th March 2013.


The challenge started with:

  • 30 Jumping Jacks, followed by running around the lake with dumbbells
  • 20 Lunges, followed by running around the lake with dumbbells
  • 20 Squat, followed by running around the lake with dumbbells, and ended with
  • 20 Mini Planks

Winners for the challenge were Jaslinda Jasmani and Ros Iryani Mohamad. We interviewed the two highly determined and witty ladies to find out their motivation to loose weight. Watch the ladies at the challenge!

Since many other ladies were serious about joining Nashata 5km Fun Run, three more ladies were sponsored to participate. It was truly rewarding to discover the power of teamwork and togetherness that can effectively alleviate a woman’s performance and confidence.

Nashata wishes the team improved active lifestyle post JomKurus program.


How Eda Fatimawati transformed obesity to fitness

We got to interview a young civil engineer who claimed obese three years ago. Now, Eda Fuzi is very passionate about running and loves to keep fit and eat healthy. Currently, an avid marathoner, she is determined to be an ultra Marathoner and Duathlete soon. She also started swimming recently.


women marathon



1) Eda, how do you lose weight and maintain your health? 

My mother passed away in 2009 due to the cancer, a year after when I realised I weigh 80 kg. Yes, I was in a shock and since then I started to exercise and find new hobbies to ensure I would keep up with a healthy lifestyle.


I was a sports girl back during my school and university days, I played almost all types of sport. But I was not a runner. I never run for a competition back then. I was neither a short nor a long distance runner. But one day my best friend who embraces an active lifestyle convinced  to run and trained me. He kept pushing and motivated me to push my limit further. I would say he is the key person that made me fall in love with running. My cousin started running years before me and he motivated me as well. A few months after I started running, I met new friends while training for my runs and many became my running buddies. Soon after that I get to meet new runners, newbies, triathletes, elite runners, etc. What I love the most about the running community it we help each other no matter what. Now, I am happy with my weight. I am no longer obese.

I have been running for almost three years now; and I get to make new friends along the way. Since I am committed to running, I make sure I train 3 to 4 times a week, collecting 35-50 km of mileage in average. That is  2 – 3 times of short distance, speed training, or a 10 km run each per session. Then, LSD (Long Slow Distance) runs in the weekends (15-25 km) for endurance training.

2. Do you take any supplements?

I DO NOT take any slimming supplements. I have tried them before but never worked. Now, I only take supplements that are necessary such as Evening PrimeRose Oil and Fish Oil.

2) How’s your daily food intake?

Taking control of what to eat was hard at first. But once I get the hang of it, everything becomes so much easier.  I learn how to count calories and eat right. Knowing our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is key. After knowing how much calories I need per day, I just need to eat accordingly.

I always make sure there are vegetables, fruits, dairy and protein is in my food. I eat 4-5 times a day. With snacks and eat at small portions. I do take carbs but mainly bread.

3) Many people think that if they do an exercise more often, their muscle become bigger. Is it true? What’s your opinion about that?

Yes, it does technically. Most runners have bigger calves. But some say it is just a myth. While other part of the body depends in which area you are focusing on.  Most runners lost muscles after a long run. That is why long distance runners are/needs to be skinny and thin. And that is not exactly bad. Sprinter may have large calves and muscular body as they need to use those muscles to help them sprint as fast as they can, they use red muscle tissues. A long distance runner (marathoners for example) uses white muscle tissues that work to sustain longer time and endurance. The thin body would help to carry less weight on the long run. Sprinters are heavier and more muscular as they need to use their muscles as a boost to run fast in a shorter distance.

So, if you run long distance, you shouldn’t worry about growing muscles.


4) When did you start running and how long did it take you to train for a marathon?

I started running in 2010. I increased my mileage per week whenever a marathon approached. If my average per week is 40 km, I will gradually increase it to 50, 55, and 60 km. Two weeks before a marathon, runners will be in tapering mode. Taper simply means to cut or reduce mileage. Tapering is the training phase right before a long distance event, such as a marathon, when a runner starts to cut back on his or her mileage Reason behind tapering is to reduce the potential of injury, mental preparation and to recover muscles. A week before a marathon, I will rest completely. While carb loading will only starts 3 days before an event.

5) We notice you are always in your compression wear during a run. Why you wearing the compression wear instead of other usual sport wear? How do you feels and what the differences?

Most of the time I would wear compression pants during long runs (Long-Slow Distance, Half Marathon or Marathon events). On training sessions, I would prefer to wear calf guards which normally, compression as well.  I wouldn’t say compression wear improves my performance, but I personally, would prefer to run safe and finish with free injuries. That is my priority.

Runners I know use compression-wear to protect muscles. There are research articles that say compression helps runners to improve blood flow through their muscles, thus, protecting muscle from injury and then most probably help us to run longer distances safely.  Sometimes I can feel compression protects my muscle movements during strides.

Most runners also use compression wears/gears for recovery. I wear them after a hard run or sometimes before bed, to help recover my muscles faster.

This is because compression of the lower leg increases blood flow and helps flush out lactic acid. Hence, aids recovery.

6) What was your fear and how do you overcome it?

I guess every runner fears of injury. How do I overcome it? Run safe and run happy. I run for my parents. Running is not always about achieving Personal Best/Timing. The reason why you run matters more. I appreciate myself more, I have overcome what I thought I would never accomplish, I appreciate life. I run for my own well-being.


Eda runs


Thank you Eda for sharing your views and being an exemplary runner. From her sharing, we get to understand why she runs. It takes a lot of discipline and determination to achieve what Eda has achieved the past three years. InsyaAllah, she will get to be the ultra marathoner soon!

All the best!