5 ways to get slimmer & fit body on Ramadhan

Ramadhan is the most efficient way to keep your body fit and healthy while at the same time drawing closer to Allah s.w.t.. During this period of month is when people usually grab the opportunity to discipline themselves physically and mentally. Variety ways people tried to find the best diet for maintaining their body shape, but the best way to maintain your body fitness is through following our Prophet’s style of eating habits.


In a timeless hadith of our Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) regarding healthy eating habits, he mentions:

“A human being fills no worse vessel than his stomach. It is sufficient for a human being to eat a few mouthfuls to keep his spine straight. But if he must (fill it), then one third of food, one third for drink and one third for air.” [Ibn Majah]

 fitness for women



We all surely have the same thought of losing weight during Ramadhan. Yes indeed, we should be focusing on our deeds for the sake of Allah s.w.t.. But notice this. Does our body gets thinner or fatter? Admit it, most of us eats according to our lust and appetite when breaking fast. Neglecting the nutritional balanced diet and body health? That’s a typical situation for someone that starves through out the day. Then, we regret eating too much and not knowing what to do about it. Tarawih prayers helps to balance back the physical condition of our body. But for some, that is not enough. We usually get too little physical movement during Ramadhan. Well, here are some tips that may boost in losing weight while collecting deen, as exercise is also one of the ibadah.


Follow these 5 tips for a fit healthier body in Ramadhan


1. Planning physical activity

  • Do 15-45 minutes of light exercise such as walking, house chores, gardening, and etc. It is good for blood circulation during fasting.
  • Less sleep. More sunnah prayer. Probably burn 60-80 calories (according to your weight) with prayers 5 times or 17 rakaah.
  • Tarawih prayers is also an exciting physical activity your strength. Try to calculate how many calories you burn when you do 20 rakaah Tarawih prayers? On average, one burns 4 calories performing one rakaah.
  • Did you know that you can burn 50-80 calories during one hour of reading? Read the Quran in wherever you are. It keeps you alert and your mind can also be sharpened.

2. Eat at appropriate amount of calorie

  • Taking of 1200-2000 calories per day
  • While fasting, we still have to calculate in detail the calorie content of each food. Do not forget two dates contain at least 45 calories. If you take 10 dates, you have to take at least 225 calories.
  • Eat as usual. Eat moderately. No need to exaggerate your diet during fasting.

3. Breaking fast with easy-lose-weight food

  • Eat fruits that contain lots of fiber and vitamins
  • Eat foods high in fiber and protein to balance blood sugar, eliminates hunger and excessive eating
  • Avoid fried and greasy

4. Control the rate of water intake

  • Drink with content appropriate to the weight
  • Avoid salty foods because it can increase thirst during the day
  • Avoid icy drink or drink excessively during the break
  • However you need to drink a lot to ensure you remain hydrated during the day

5. Plan your diet

  • Morning wake up and take enough food and drink for a day of fasting supplies
  • Buy and prepare nutritious food and adequate bersahur rates
  • Avoid wasting food by
  • If you feel like wearing a great fit next month, do not forget to nutrition and health care in the month of Ramadan this.



How to Complete Reading the Quran in 21 Days

“Ramadan is the (month) in which the Quran was sent down, as a guide to mankind and a clear guidance and judgment (so that mankind will distinguish from right and wrong) (2:183)

In honour and remembrance of that, some would devote time to complete reading and understanding the Quran during Ramadhan.  There are many other ways to complete reading the Quran during Ramadhan. Do what works for you. Below is my sharing on how to complete reading the Quran within 21 days.

Other than Tarawih, reading the Quran during Ramadhan is good. There are 30 juz with 6236 verses (ayat)  in the Quran. In 21 days, you need to read in average 300 verses, and allocate 4-5 hours a day, should you want to complete the Quran. This is assuming it takes 1 min to read a verse. Many can read a verse in less than 30 seconds.

1. How can you find 4-5 hours/day?

Whether or not you are working, you can find time within these slots

  • 75 mins after you have completed morning meal/sahur or after morning/Subuh prayers
  • 1 hour during lunch break hour or after Zhuhur/afternoon prayers
  • 1 hour after work or after Asar prayers
  • 45 mins between Maghrib and Isya prayers
  • 1 hour after Isya or tarawih prayers

2. What are the mediums to read the Quran?
Whether you choose to read the translation of the Quran or recite the Quran in Arabic, it does not really matter. Here are the medium you could use:

  • hard copy of the Quran
  • hard copy of the Quran with translation of your preferred language
  • digital version of the Quran when traveling or everyday reading on the move; web based sites like quran.com, app on electronic devices. Sometimes the digital version provides a translator and an audio reader. These functions can aid your reading and comprehension of the verses in the Quran
  • You can choose both, hardcopy and digital version of the Quran concurrently

I use multiple mediums to cross reference.

3. Here is a plan to complete the Quran in its entirety during Ramadhan
More verses are planned out the first few days and the number is reduced towards day 21. This is because many women tend to be busy towards the end of Ramadhan, plus women get a few days time off in a month.

Ramadhan quran reading planner

May Allah accept our deeds, soften our hearts and grant us forgiveness. Have a bless Ramadhan!

5 Perkara yang boleh buatkan badan anda kurus di Bulan Ramadhan


Semasa bulan Ramadan inilah anda semestinya fokus mengerjakan ibadah puasa. Ianya bukan untuk menguruskan badan. Tetapi adakah badan anda semakin kurus atau semakin gemuk? Banyak orang makan mengikut nafsu apabila berbuka yang tanpa di sedari segala diet dan pemakanan seimbang terabai dan tidak di beri perhatian. Jangan pula terlalu kurang pergerakkan fizikal semasa berpuasa

Sambil menimba pahala di bulan Ramadhan ini, ikuti 5 tips yang boleh buatkan badan anda kurus,

1. Merancang aktiviti fizikal 

  • Lakukan 15-45 minit senaman ringan seperti berjalan, mengemas rumah dan sebagainya. Ianya baik untuk mengedaran darah semasa berpuasa
  • Kurangkan tidur dan lebihkan solat yang juga merupakan satu senaman. Anda dapat membakar sebanyak 60-80 kalori (mengikut berat badan anda) dengan menunaikan solat 5 waktu atau 17 rakaat.
  • Solat tarawih adalah juga satu kegiatan fizikal yang menguja kekuatan anda. Cuba kirakan berapa kalori dibakar apabila anda mengerjakan solat tarawih 20 rakaat?
  • Tahukah anda, anda dapat membakar 50-80 kalori  membaca selama satu jam? Bacalah Al-Quran di mana-mana jua anda berada. Ia membuatkan anda sentiasa peka dan minda anda juga dapat diasah.

2. Makan mengikut kalori  yang bersesuaian

  • Mengambil sebanyak 1200-2000 kandungan kalori setiap hari
  • Walaupun puasa kita masih perlu mengira secara terperinci kandungan kalori setiap makanan . Jangan lupa dua biji kurma mengandungi sekurang-kurangnya 45 kalori. Kalau anda memakan 10 biji kurma, anda telah mengambil sekurangnya 225 kalori. 
  • Makanlah seperti sediakala. Tidak perlu ditokok tambah pemakanan anda semasa berbuka puasa.

3. Berbuka dengan makanan penurunan berat badan

  • Lebihkan makan buah-buahan yang mengandungi banyak serat dan vitamin
  • Makan makanan yang  tinggi fiber & protin untuk menyeimbangkan kandungan gula, menghilangkan rasa lapar dan berlebihan makan
  • Elakkan makanan yang bergoreng dan berminyak

4. Mengawal kadar pengambilan air

  • Minum dengan kadar yang bersesuaian dengan berat badan
  • Elak mengambil makanan yang masin kerana boleh menambahkan rasa dahaga di siang hari
  • Elakkan minuman berais atau minum secara berlebihan semasa berbuka.

5. Rancangkanlah pemakanan anda

  • Bangun sahur dan mengambil makan & minum yang secukupnya untuk bekalan puasa seharian
  • Membeli dan menyediakan juadah yang berkhasiat dan bersahur dengan kadar yang mencukupi
  • Sama-samalah kita elakkan pembaziran wang dan makanan.

Kalau anda terasa mahu muat memakai baju raya pada bulan hadapan, jangan lupa untuk jaga pemakanan dan kesihatan di bulan ramadhan ini.