The EXPO, The Race @ Malaysia Women Marathon 2016

The Malaysia Women Marathon is an event all running girls should look forward to because it is full of awesomeness. This year, the 3-day Awesomeness (4-6th March) started with a 2-day expo at Bandar Rimbayu, followed by the race at Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam.


The weather was really hot. You could sweat just sitting doing nothing.

All the vendors were ready setting up their stuffs for sale at 10am. Nashata booth offered the same discounts as available online, except for Raazgloves which were going for RM10 only at MWM!. We were lucky to have a booth next to Marathon Baker, and they were super friendly. We bought a lot of chocolate brownies from them and their drinks were very nice too.

As expected, the crowd wasn’t that many on the first day. Most who came were volunteers and MWM runners who came to pick up their race kits. Many left with many race kits in hands as they picked up race kits for group members and friends.  We received a lot of visits from our beloved customers and friends. Here’s one with Hana who came to purchase from us.

Nashata Customers are Awesome!

The organiser lined up a series of talk covering several topics on fitness and fashion shows. Nashata shared about Fashion Tips for Sports Fashionista on Friday, 5th March 2016 2pm.


Fashion Tips for Sports Fashionista

Fashion Tips for Sports Fashionista

Here are a couple of slides among the ones that we shared on what to wear, what color to choose, how to look good while running.


Working out fashion tips

Working out fashion tips

Tips to Look Good while running

Tips to Look Good while running

The props at the Expo was vibrant and colorful! This is only one of them.

Quite Retro Huh?

Quite Retro don’t you think?

Hooda Sports Hijab was available for fitting so many came to try it out and place orders.

Hooda Sports Hijab

Hooda Sports Hijab


Day 2 : Expo 

On the second day, ie, 6th March, Datuk Marina Chin was among the honorable speakers for the Women Dialogue Session on Empowering Women Through Sports. She is indeed THE lady in sports. She was a national track queen, who later coached young athletes. She ran 100 – 400 meter hurdles and won seven gold medals at the SEA Games in the 1970s. Marathon and tracks are no different. They require running, training, strong legs, determination and good diet. Her passion in sports shines till today as she is now the Chef de Mission to 29th SEA Games Kuala Lumpur 2017 under the Olympic Council of Malaysia. At the Expo, she spoke about her passion in sports and that her career in sports never fade away after winning the SEA Games as she continued to coach athletes after she pursued studies in the US. She also reminded parents to allow children to choose what they want to pursue in life and not push unrealized dreams into children.


Freda Lui, Datuk Marina Chin, Stephanie Case & Sue Obrien

from Left : Freda Lui, Datuk Marina Chin, Stephanie Case & Sue Obrien


The session was moderated by Freda Lui, the producer at BFM 89.9, also a runner. I left the session feeling blessed. I am blessed because I can exercise my rights to perform fitness activities at peace in Malaysia. In certain country, you can only train by running up and down the stairs. It is unheard off, but it happens. Stephanie Case, the founder of charity FreetoRun is an  ultra runner and she lives in Gaza. She helps girls and women in conflict-affected communities to do sports.  Now – that is passion, empowering & amazing. Hence the reason why – I will not miss sharing sessions at MWM in the future!

I was lucky to be seated next to Datuk Marina Chin at lunch. I missed the memo, busy, was called in later, came in late and Alhamdulillah – sheer luck placed me next to her. Datuk Marina is tall, motherly, gentle and BEAUTIFUL. Just look at her posing with  Dato’ Beatrice Nirmala, Mrs. Malaysia 2007, another beauty who does not age.

Dato Beatrice Nirmala & Datuk Marina Chin

Staying Fit Could be the Secret to stay beautiful like Dato Beatrice Nirmala & Datuk Marina Chin

The Curves sponsored workout session right before the Dialogue Session. Despite the heat and humidity, many joined the workout at the back. The second day was indeed a busy day. We were visited by loyal customers like Roziana Harun and performing runner like Edan Shah. We enjoy having conversations with runners and customers because we learn a lot from each other. Edan is the 3rd fastest marathoner In Malaysia with timing of (2:41:43)  as ranked by the Malaysia Athletics Federation

Roziana Harun, Edan Shah & Friend

Edan Shah & Hijabi Marathon Runners

Day 3 : The Race

I was not able to run due to dehydration and my right knee was still hurting, but the Nashata runners (Intan Suraya, Eda Fatimawati, Nur Nahsuhah, Azlina & Pacer, Efah, Aina) ran their heart out that morning. The girls registered for full marathon (42 km)  and one did half marathon (21 km). Sadly, this year, the girls are not too happy with their run. Reasons aside, one gave the idea about running 5 km fun run at the next MWM. I think it is an awesome idea. Just look at all the happy faces of the runners at the 5 km and 10 km! We should fun run then!



On your mark! Get set! Go!


Happy with what you wear will make your day no matter how tired you get

It is heart-warming to learn the main sponsor and associates wore Nashata for the fun run. Only at MWM, you get such support & sisterhood. My special thanks goes to Karen Loh who put her heart and soul in making MWM beyond a running event. Only this iron lady & team can pull such a dazzling run! So girls, miss not the MWM next year!

Datin Seri Shamsida Tahari, Puan Noorul & YB Daroyah in Nashata

Datin Seri Shamsida Tahari, Puan Noorul & YB Daroyah

If you want to learn about runners’ experiences at MWM, here’s a list:


Celebrating Womanhood : We Pledge To Help Women Achieve Their Fitness Goals

We celebrate the glory of womanhood everyday. But every year on the 8th March, we celebrate the International Women’s Day. In Malaysia, we celebrate fitness for woman at the Malaysia Women Marathon on the 6th March 2016. There is also Penang Zumba Carnival 2016 happening a day earlier, 5th March 2016, at the Stadium Batu Kawan, Penang.

In supporting the International Women’s Day, here’s what the people at Nashata are going to do:

celebrating womanhood

At the store front, we are offering ultra products for fit ladies up to 50% discount. This includes the heather tops, mumtaz hijab and amin extended hijab. The special prices are valid from now until 13th March 2016. Also available at MWM Expo on the 4th & 5th March at Rimbayu.

Here are some suggested tops that go well with the MWM running tee.

Mix and Match : Run in Style

Mix and Match : Run in Style

2. OUR PLEDGE : To Help Women Achieve Their Fitness Goals

This year we are sponsoring 8 runners from Malaysia & Singapore to run the Full Marathon (42 km) at MWM. These are ladies and pacer from various backgrounds and ages but with a common determination to run. Here are the reasons why running a full marathon is important to these awesome runners and how running has helped them in their career and daily life.

  • Ainaa Samsudin, a business analyst
    I run full marathon to challenge myself. Besides building physical strength, I am also training my willpower and mental limits to prove to myself that sometimes it’s just mind over matter. My personal goal at MWM is to finish within the cut off time. Running has helped me in my career by improving how I prioritize and manage time. I learn what is really important to me and I build a schedule to achieve my goals. The corporate world and running scene in Malaysia are not very big and these 2 fields tend to overlap so it’s helpful to have the same interest.

    Azlina & Aina During LSD Training Together

    Azlina & Aina During LSD Training Together

  • Azlina Idris , a full time mom
    I love to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone. To train for a Full Marathon (FM) is not an easy task; it takes sacrifice, determination and physical and mental strength. Becoming a marathoner has been one of my most proudest moment, aside from being a wife and a mom.
    My goal at MWM is to achieve a Personal Best (PB) would be great but seeing how this will be my first FM running with my husband, the main goal would be for both of us to complete the run with no injuries and have fun while doing so.
    Running has given me a sense of balance. When everything seems a little too much, I go out for a run and the problem/issues suddenly doesn’t seem so daunting. I only wish I had discovered the joys of running when I was still working; maybe I wouldn’t have been so stressed all the time. But better late than never!
  • Nur Nahsuhah Binti Zainal Abdin, a medic student
    I love running simply because I love being challenged. When you run 42km with your own time limit, actually you are challenge yourself to do things beyond your limits and it gives you a sense of achievement and satisfaction when you achieve it. This has always teaches me to not give up in every single thing I do and to always believe in myself. Nothing is impossible. The one that can limit you is YOU. Running FM for 5 to 6 hours is not easy and harder in  hot sun..but, what that I learn along the journey is worth the heat. I enjoy  running long hours while being entertained with favourite songs ; it cheers me up in bucket of sweats. MWM is such a great event as it is conducted with much convenience for ladies who want to participate in running events. I would like to complete my run below 5 hours at upcoming MWM. Other than that I would like to be a good example to hijabist ladies, that running modestly will never affect your performance..yup, never. Running never fails to release all those stresses I have to deal with in my  hectic life as a med student. I feel much better after a run. It has helped me to be more confident, positive in many aspects of life and it has widen my network. Running always teaches me to be myself, to be me and stay me. I urge other ladies to set your goals, lace up your shoes, smile proudly to yourself and start running! does change you in positive way.
Be Inspired by Nahsuhah

Nahsuhah runs 70km a week


3. Fashion Tips specially for Sports Fashionista at MWM 2016

Nashata will be at the MWM Expo 4-5th March. Come look for us at Rimbayu.

At 2:15pm, 4th March we are having a 30 mins Fashion Tips specially for Sports Fashionista at the MWM Expo. We will share about how to dress comfortably yet flattering enough for you to run marathon confidently. Other than that we will be sharing some tips on how to pose and look good for photoshoots while running. Intan Suraya who will be running at the MWM always look good in front of the camera. Find out how she does it!

Intan Suraya running at Pink Ultra 50

Intan Suraya ALWAYS looking great! At the Pink Ultra 50


Happy International Women’s Day girls!


The Weekend Runner: Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2015

Lately, most parts of Peninsular Malaysia has been blanketed by haze. After giving up hope that it will rain on the day before the race, I decided that it is best not to run at all for this year’s Standard Chartered KL Marathon. As much as I would like to make my full marathon debut in this event, the Air Pollution Index (API) showed unhealthy levels of air quality, and visibility was poor. Exposure to the polluted air can lead to devastating consequences in the long term, not to mention lack of oxygen absorbed into the body, itchy eyes, and dizziness or headache. Luckily, the event organizers were on the same boat as I am, so they decided to cancel the event at the very last minute.

12074936_1020289538002021_4792959815078213638_nJust in case if you are wondering, no, this is not Instagram-filtered. The haze was THIS bad!(Picture courtesy of the organizer’s Facebook page.)


However, the organizers allowed all participants to collect their finisher t-shirts (for full marathon) and finisher medals on the day of the event. API kept worsening, but it did not dampen the runners’ spirits, as the venue was buzzing with activity. Armed with masks or face towels, everyone collected their entitlements and took plenty of pictures.


IMG_1057 At the starting line: On your marks, get set, COLLECT!


Overall, there was a hint of disappointment from the crowd. Many travelled from other states or overseas just for this event. But they accepted that this is for the best – it’s better to miss one event than not being able to run in the future because of respiratory or other health problems. As I spoke to other runners, the collection venue was slowly turning into a networking event. Everyone took the opportunity to meet runners from other groups or countries. We might speak different languages, come from different backgrounds, but our common interest have bonded us together into this international family of running.

IMG_1053 Obligatory ‘finisher’ photo with medal and finisher tee.


IMG_1069Runners not running.


11063768_10207592466079561_4212637369368883586_n Oh hello, cute Japanese runner!


12074748_10205796472045128_7043026021782382454_n 12118712_10205796472845148_8656779571434365007_n Bros from Brunei


In conclusion, everyone agreed that not running sucks, but falling sick would suck even more. Let us all hope that the weather condition improves so there will be no more event cancellation. For the mean time, minimize your outdoor activity, drink plenty of water, and stay healthy. See you again next year, Standard Chartered KL Marathon!


Until next week,

The Weekend Runner.

Persediaan Larian Marathon di Cuaca Panas

Berlari di cuaca yang melampau dan panas boleh merbahayakan diri. Badan anda boleh mengalami dehidrasi dan menjadi terlalu panas dan boleh menyebabkan kekejangan haba, keletihan haba atau strok haba semasa larian marathon. Bayangkanlah berlari selama 3 – 6 jam di larian marathon semasa cuaca panas yang melampau.

background copy

Prepare Yourself For the Heat

Memandangkan cuaca terlampau panas dan matahari terik sehingga suhu mencecah 35°C, anda perlu membuat persediaan awal untuk mengelakkan daripada. mengalami masalah-masalah haba yang membahayakan diri.


Antara langkah-langkah yang boleh diambil:

1. Biasakan diri berlari di cuaca yang panas secara beransur-ansur, tidak terlalu lama dan tidak terlalu panas. Sebaik-baiknya sesuaikan diri anda dengan cuaca yang panas 8 hari sebelum acara larian marathon. Badan anda tidaklah terlalu terkejut dengan cuaca semasa larian.

2. Bawalah ‘hydration belt’ dimana anda boleh membawa air sebanyak 100ml ke 200 ml dan minum setiap 3km atau apabila perlu. Ketahuilah di mana letaknya stesen air sepanjang laluan larian.

hydration belt

hydration belt

3. Pakailah pakaian yang longgar dan ringan yang membolehkan pengaliran udara semasa berlari. Elakkan daripada memakai pakaian yang ketat dan berwarna gelap atau hitam

riada nahl

Pakaian yang longgar diperbuat daripada fabrik yang mengeluarkan peluh

4. Pakailah cermin mata hitam yang berUV dan juga topi ringan apabila matahari sudah naik. Silau boleh menyebabkan anda pening kepala. Pastikan anda sudah biasa berlari dengan aksesori-aksesori tersebut sebelum acara larian


Topi ‘Visor’ yang ringan

5. Sapukan dan bawalah sedikit ‘sunblock’ SPF melebihi 30 ke bahagian-bahagian yang terdedah kepada matahari.

Apa-apa pun, jika anda terasa pening, loya atau terasa suhu badan terlampau panas, anda perlu berhenti dan dapatkanlah pertolongan perubatan dengan segera.

Run safe!


Semangat yang kuat! – Nur Azyan Yusof

Baru-baru ini kami sempat lagi menemuramah seorang pelari yang hampir berhenti berlari tetapi giat kembali dalam sukan kerana beberapa faktornya sendiri. Ikuti kisah beliau dan sebabnya :

1. Biodata Diri

Azyan1Beliau di beri nama Nur Azyan Yusof atau nama mesranya lagi Yan @ Zyra. Gadis comel ini berumur 35 tahun dan masih bujang, tinggal di Shah Alam. Beliau memiliki Master of Science Computer di Universiti Malaya dan sekarang bekerja di Telekom Malaysia sebagai seorang pegawai eksekutif.

2. Sejak bila mula berlari dan apa yang membuatkan beliau aktif dalam sukan?

Sekitar tahun 2006, beliau mendapati berat badannya semakin naik dan terasa sangat sukar untuk mengekalkan berat badan. Beliau membuat keputusan untuk mula berlari di Standard Chartered KL Marathon (5km) pada tahun 2010. Oleh kerana sejarah kesihatan keluarga yang kurang baik dan ramai keluarganya memiliki penyakit obesiti serta penyakit 3 berangkai (jantung, diabetes, buah pinggang), beliau mengambil keputusan untuk mula berjinak dalam sukan untuk mengamalkan gaya hidup yang sihat walaupun pada asalnya beliau seorang ulat buku di sekolah. Beliau cuba mula berlari secara berperingkat dengan jarak yang paling dekat 5KM, 10KM, 21KM dan full marathon 41KM.

3. Mengapa berhenti berlari?

Beliau berkata, marathon ini memerlukan komitmen yang sangat tinggi. Sekurang-kurangnya perlu berlatih berlari dengan jarak 15KM – 20KM pada setiap hujung minggu. Manakala di hari biasa pula sepatutnya perlu berlatih 3 kali seminggu dengan jarak 5KM – 7KM. Di sebabkan beliau terlalu sibuk dengan hal kerja dan keluarga, beliau berehat seketika selama 2 tahun kerana tidak boleh fokus pada larian.

4. Kesan apabila berhenti berlari

Kesan yang paling kritikal adalah berat badan naik dengan mendadak. Selalunya selepas habis kerja beliau ada membuat aktiviti fizikal kerana baginya itu merupakan salah satu caranya untuk melepaskan stress dan tekanan kerja. Apabila berhenti, beliau lebih mudah marah dan murung. Beliau juga kadang kala menghadapi masalah susah untuk tidur pada waktu malam.

5. Siapa yang memberi dorongan? Ada mendapat tentangan dari mana-mana pihak?

Ramai kawan-kawan memberi sokongan dan dorongan. Cuma ibu bapanya tidak gemar beliau bersukan dengan berpakaian ketat walaupun memakai baju yang menutupi semuanya kerana masih mendedahkan aurat

6. Pencapaian terhebat dan target akan datang

Beliau berjaya menamatkan larian Full Marathon dengan set masa 5 jam 27 minit  dan targetnya yang seterusnya untuk memecahkan rekod terbaru dalam larian full marathon akan datang dengan memakai pakaian yang lebih sopan dan menutup aurat

Testimonial beliau tentang produk Nashata :

” Pakaiannya labuh, longgar dan dibuat daripada material yang sport-oriented! Pakaian saya yang dulu pun bukan senang nak cari. Skirt pendek saya beli daripada tennis skirt. Arm-sleeve saya beli daripada golf sport. Semua saya campur-campur untuk dibawa berlari marathon. Bertuahnya sekarang, semua Nashata dah sediakan! Tak payah survey banyak kedai dah. Lengkap segalanya! “

7. Antara cadangan yang beliau utarakan untuk meningkatkan lagi produktiviti dan stamina seorang wanita untuk lebih cergas dan sihat

Lakukan aktiviti yang menggembirakan diri sendiri dan memperbanyakkan aktiviti sukan seperti badminton, berbasikal, zumba, yoga dan sebagainya. Beliau sangat gemar melakukan body combat kerana beliau terasa seolah-olah boleh melepaskan geram kerana kata beliau, tugas seorang wanita sangat berat dan mungkin menghadapi banyak masalah dan tekanan. Bagi menggalakkan lebih ramai kaum ibu dan isteri pula, beliau menyarankan berlari berkumpulan di adakan dengan satu (1) keluarga ikut turut serta.

azyan yusuf8. Antara program-program larian yang beliau telah sertai :

(a) Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014 (Half marathon)

(b) Malaysia Women Marathon 2013 (Half Marathon)

(c) Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012 dan 2011 (Full marathon)

(d) Standard Chartered Singapore 2011 (Full Marathon)

(e) Newton Challenge 2012 (25km)

9. Perbezaan pemakaian dari segi latihan dan marathon

Semasa latihan : Baju biasa bergantung kepada jenis latihan yang di lakukan

Semasa marathon : Baju cepat kering, ringan, serap peluh, mampat, tidak terlalu labuh

10. Berapa minit beliau membuat latihan dan berapa kerap beliau lakukannya?

Hari biasa – 45minit ke 1 jam (3x seminggu)

Hujung minggu – 2 jam ke 2.30 jam (Larian jauh)

1 jam tambahan (Weight training, bodycombat, bodybalance)

2 hari pula diperuntukkan untuk berehat

Perbazaan sukan atau tidak







Beliau ada menyusulkan cadangan lari sambil menolak stroller baby. How cute idea she have huh? Ramai orang tidak terfikir akannya dan mungkin idea ni menjadi seronok jika ada mana-mana pihak yang mencubanya di masa akan datang. Azyan seorang yang sangat kreatif dan sangat ceria. Terima kasih kerana kongsi segala pengalaman dan cerita yang menarik tentang anda bersama kami.


What Brings More JOY in Running to Azlina Idris

Azlina Idris completed her first half marathon at the Standard Charted Marathon 2014 recently. It was a double accomplishment as she ran with her husband who started running after her. Furthermore, she started running less than a year ago, so a big hand of applause to Azlina & hubby.

azlinda idris

Azlina is an MBA holder and a mother of three growing up kids. After spending more than 13 years working at Telekom Malaysia, she decided to spend more time with her children and take better care of herself. Let’s Be Inspired by her story.

We have been following Azlina and admire her perseverance and training regime and today she shares with us more about her joy of running since 2013. A few months after she left Telekom Malaysia, she started a new schedule – which is running after sending off her kids to school. Her house in Bangi is close to a running track so she gets to run at least 3-4 times a week.


1. What is her training plan?

She does not attend any formal training as most of the training programs are conducted far from where she lives. Therefore, she trains alone or with  husband.  She reads a lot of articles about running and how to improve and she also get tips from her friends and met them via social media. She also does cardio and weight lifting on off-running days.

For the half marathon, she uses a 12-week training program from She keeps a training dairy to keep track of her schedule and weekly improvements. Apart from training, she make sure she eats good food; less frying food and more baking or grilling with little or no oil.


2. What makes her run enjoyable?

Most of the time she runs alone, and sometimes with her husband. A fit wife makes a fit husband. That is the case for Azlina as her husband started running a few months after her, and he lost almost 18 kg in 10 months!

Her husband has been her biggest supporter and his participation in all races has brought joy in her interest. Every weekend, they try out new routes and push each other to go further and faster. To her, the time spent on running brought them closer and healthier together.

Her kindle spirits definitely bring good to her husband. Many friends claim her husband look much younger and better looking now. 🙂


3. Fit Parents Raise Fit Kids

Azlina’s children have accepted that their parents are now avid runners. Some weekend mornings, they go to the lake where both her and her husband run while the kids play at the playground. Like her husband, her children are very supportive of her interest in running. Her children always look forward to the goody bags Azlina and her husband bring back from running events.

In September 2014, her children participated in the Kids Giant Run. It was fun but they complained about being tired. Perhaps there need to be more kids fun factors injected into Kids running events.
Azlina’s children will definitely benefit from having fit parents as studies show that children who grow up in families where both parents are physically active are nearly three times more likely to be active than kids whose parents are not active.


4. What is her biggest challenge in running?

Running alone.

Occasionally, she finds it hard to get out and lace up when she runs alone. She overcomes it by reminding herself how much better she feels after a good run first thing in the morning.


5. How does she decides which running event to participate in? 

To her as a medal collector, a finisher medal is a MUST. She also looks at the fees and the venue. Different routes and venues excite her as she does not want to go through the same route many times.


6. What does she wear when she runs and why?

Azlina wears Nashata products when she trains and participates in running events. She is a lover of Nashata’s Tops and here is why.


“I love the material of all Nashata products. They’re light, airy and dry fast. The design is very comfortable. It gives me the coverage I need yet doesn’t hinder me from running for hours. During the SCKLM, I was also able to perform Subuh prayers without the need for a telekung.”

The price is very reasonable for the quality of the products. I already have 4 Nashata Tops and a pair of Riada Pants. I would most probably buy more in the future.”, say Azlina.


We are pretty certain Azlina will perform her 1st Full Marathon soon. InsyaAllah 🙂

After all, she was the one who won the Fastest Hijabista Prize at the Cyberjaya Night Marathon in May 2014


Jangan lupa solat walaupun BERSUKAN Berjam-jam!

Apa yang anda perlu lakukan untuk membuat persediaan solat apabila anda menyertai aktiviti sukan jangka masa yang panjang?

Terutama apabila melibatkan waktu solat yang sangat singkat seperti solat Subuh dan Maghrib. Takkan nak tinggalkan solat?

 Praying tips for sporting events

Berikut adalah tip-tip yang boleh digunakan supaya anda bersedia mengerjakan solat semasa aktiviti sukan yang panjang seperti larian marathon, mendaki gunung dan berbasikal.


Jika pakaian sukan anda bersih, menutupi aurat tidak ketat menampakkan tubuh, anda boleh memakai pakaian sukan anda untuk solat.

Bagi wanita yang tidak yakin pemakaiannya tidak menutupi aurat dengan betul, dan khuatir tiada telekung di tempat solat yang disediakan, bawalah sekali telekung yang ringan dalam back pack kecil anda dan di sarankan bawa telekung travel

Bagi lelaki dan wanita, anda boleh melakukan solat dengan memakai kasut sukan anda. Tetapi pastikan tapak kasut anda tidak terpijak najis dan anda yakin ianya bersih. Untuk wanita, di sarankan memakai sekali stokin untuk mengelakkan dari menampakkan aurat kaki semasa solat.


Jika waktu solat belum masuk lagi dan anda ingin mengurangkan masa untuk mengambil wuduk, ambillah wuduk sebelum aktiviti anda bermula. Jika wuduk anda tidak terbatal, solatlah di tempat yang bersesuaian dan paling dekat sejerus sahaja masuk waktu.

Jika anda kesuntukan masa dan tidak mahu mengambil masa yang terlalu lama untuk solat subuh, anda tidak perlu mandi atau bersihkan diri terlebih dahulu kerana peluh bukan lah termasuk dalam kategori najis yang membatalkan syarat sah solat  Ustaz Muhammad Yusuf Kadir

Anda boleh membawa spray 100ml sebagai wuduk. Ianya kecil dan mudah dibawa. Lihat VIDEO ini untuk belajar cara mengambil wuduk menggunakan spray.

Apa yang perlu anda lakukan jika sudah terlalu lewat untuk mengejar waktu solat?

1) Cari tempat yang di yakini bersih untuk solat

2) Ketahuilah arah kiblat. Anda boleh muat turun applikasi penunjuk arah kiblat di dalam telefon bimbit ataupun bawa kompas kiblat terlebih dahulu. Terdapat pelbagai aplikasi percuma di Google Play (Android) dan App Store (iOS) yang boleh anda muat turunkan.

3) Gunakan tuala kecil sebagai sejadah

4) Sebagai tujuan keselamatan bagi wanita, pastikan anda solat di tempat awam yang tertutup tetapi selamat. Sebaik-baiknya, jika anda bersolat di kawasan yang bukan dikhaskan untul solat, pastikan anda tidak keseorangan.

Sebaik-baiknya, buatlah persediaan awal sebelum aktiviti sukan anda :

1) Tanya pihak penganjur berkenaan info untuk menunaikan solat, Jika tiada  tempat disediakan, anda boleh meminta pihak penganjur membuat persediaan yang berpatutan untuk anda dan rakan-rakan muslimin yang lain 🙂

2) Ketahui stesen minyak yang berdekatan sepanjang jalan yang digunakan (terdapat banyak stesen minyak yang menyediakan kemudahan tempat solat)

3) Ketahui surau/masjid yang berdekatan sepanjang jalan yang di gunakan

4) Anda boleh menggunakan teknologi terkini untuk mencari maklumat yang berkenaan melalui internet atau aplikasi GPS yang boleh digunakan di telefon bimbit

5) Ketahuilah ‘timing’ anda dan lokasi solat yang disediakan atau yang berdekatan. Anda dapat merangka berapa lama anda akan berlari atau berbasikal daripada prestasi latihan-latihan sebelum acara tersebut. Buatlah perancangan lebih awal dengan melawat lokasi tersebut supaya anda lebih peka dengan keadaan sekeliling.

6) Ketahuilah waktu solat di lokasi acara sukan terlebih dahulu. Ini penting apabila anda menyertai acara di luar negara kerana waktu dan tempoh solat di negara-negara lain berbeza.

Contoh Info solat untuk marathon terdekat :

Kepada sesiapa sahaja yang telah mendaftar untuk menyertai acara FULL MARATHON Penang Bridge International Marathon yang akan di adakan 16 November 2014 akan datang, pasti anda telah membuat pelbagai latihan untuk menempuh pelbagai cabaran larian sepanjang 42.195KM.

Acara larian bermula :

  • 1.45 pagi (Wanita)
  • 1.30 pagi (Lelaki)
  • 2.00 pagi (Dewasa Lelaki & Wanita)

Masa yang di peruntukkan untuk menamatkan larian adalah 7 JAM, jadi sempatkah anda untuk melakukan solat subuh ketika berlari itu? Jangan jadikan solat sebagai satu bebanan.

1) Anda boleh melakukan solat subuh pada pertengahan larian di Toll Plaza (Bandar Cassia) sebelum memulakan semula larian u-turn ke garisan penamat.

2) Jika anda berlari laju dan hampir menuju ke selekoh garisan penamat, anda juga boleh solat diseberang jalan “Rest & Relax Area” yang menyediakan pelbagai kemudahan seperti tandas dan tempat  mandi

3) Jika anda berjaya sampai ke garisan penamat awal sebelum waktu solat subuh berakhir kira-kira pukul 7 pagi, anda boleh segera menunaikan solat subuh di “Full Marathon Tent”

Boleh rujuk gambar routemap di bawah untuk melihat perjalanan anda sepanjang larian :

Marathon 2014 guidebook -part1a


Beriadahlah sambil beribadah, Pasti aktiviti sukan anda membawa berkat. Solat itu tiang agama.

Good Luck & Kongsi Bersama Rakan-Rakan Muslimah anda yang lain!

Amin Hijab fits like a glove, light as a feather

Amin Hijab is so light that you don’t feel like having a hijab on. Yes, that is how light the sports hijab is. It fits like a glove and is specially designed to give you comfort while performing outdoor and indoor activities. Made of completely breathable fabric, it is good for running, trailing, cycling and any outdoor and indoor activities. Amin hijab can take the heat and would keep you miles ahead!

What are the key features of the product?

  • Light weight
  • Fast to dry
  • Highly  stretchable and breathable material
  • One size fits all
  • Long and wide chest covering
  • Reflective logo on the back

Design Philosophy

Modest yet Sporty is the look you are going to get from Amin Hijab! The stripe along the face is to enhance unique features of Asian women.  The stripe meets at chest to give slimming effect on your body. The hijab gives good chest covering as the front length is 41 cm long and 28 cm wide. The design falls nicely on your shoulder, giving free movement for arms and hands without compromising modestly.


Color Choice

We offer a choice of black base with a dark grey stripe and dark grey with a black stripe. We recommended the lighter color for outdoor use like marathon, running, cycling and trailing and black for indoor activities like aerobics and zumba.

Although the material dries fast, sweat marks on the grey base hijab can be evident.

Dark Grey Iman Hijab

Reflective logo 

The reflective logo is on the back of the hijab. It is small but ample to give you safety feature when you run at night. If you wear Nashata’s skirts pants and ultra top, you will get better safety feature of a night run; two reflectors in front and two at the back

                                                        fullbody_1Full Suit Ultra


Made of lightweight spandex and nylon, the fabric is highly stretchable and breathable.

Reflective logo nashata



We recommend hand wash for all our products. To protect the reflective logo, we suggest you to wash the hijab inside out. You can fold or roll it and keep it in your bag.

lightweight amin hijab

Get one now as we are offering introductory price of RM89 until 1 June 2014. The retail price is RM99.

Head on to NOW!

Larian yang penuh MENCABAR @ Putrajaya Deuter Trail Run 2014!

Acara Deuter Trail Run yang diadakan pada 11 May 2014 semalam di Putrajaya Challenge Park Presint 5 berjalan dengan sangat lancar dan mendapat sambutan yang menggalakkan dari pelbagai pihak. Peserta larian di anggarkan sebanyak 1000 peserta. Larian ini adalah sepanjang 10km di mana 80% larian menempuhi pelbagai jenis cabaran dan 20% larian di atas jalan raya. Program ini terbahagi kepada 4 bahagian iaitu :

1) Lelaki terbuka

2) Perempuan Terbuka

3) Kanak-Kanak Lelaki (13-17 tahun)

4) Kanak-Kanak Perempuan (13-17 tahun)

Apa yang menarik tentang acara larian ini?

Mereka yang pertama kali menyertai acara larian sebegini mungkin akan berasa benci dan mungkin tidak akan menyertainya lagi. Para peserta dikehendaki mengharungi halangan-halangan yang di reka oleh penganjur sepanjang larian termasuklah menggelongsor, mendaki bukit curam, melompat, mengengsot di atas tanah dan sebagainya. Apa yang pasti mereka yang sampai ke garisan penamat kesemuanya pasti dalam keadaan kotor dan sangat meletihkan. Mereka yang kelihatan bersih akan di keluarkan dari penyertaan serta merta kerana tidak mengikuti garis panduan yang telah di tetapkan. Program ini juga mendapat tajaan dari Nestle, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, Revive, Suunto, Coleman, Sport Tape, Nathan, 2XU and Running Malaysia. Jika enjoy, pasti seronok! Antara halangan-halangan yang mereka tempuhi adalah seperti dalam gambar yang di tunjukkan di bawah ini :


Sebelum memulakan acara larian, kesemua peserta manjalankan senaman aerobik terlebih dahulu sebagai streching-up

senamerobik_1 senamerobik_2


Peserta-peserta lelaki terbuka berlepas di garisan permulaan pada pukul 7.30 pagi

Lelaki terbuka

Peserta-peserta perempuan pula berlepas 15minit selepas pelepasan lelaki

peserta perempuan


Sementara menunggu para peserta menamatkan larian ke garisan penamat, pengunjung yang datang di sana boleh berkunjung ke booth-booth yang terlibat antaranya booth Deuter, Suunto, ProGround dan Nashata, Power Bar dan sebagainya.

DSC_8480 DSC_8481

Tidak disangka salah seorang dari pelanggan kami iaitu Nina Aziz menyertai acara larian bagi kategori perempuan terbuka dan berjaya mendapat tempat ke-34. TAHNIAH diucapkan pada beliau kerana berjaya ke garisan penamat. Dan tidak juga lupa tahniah kepada kesemua peserta-peserta yang lain

Nina Aziz


Siapa kata lelaki sahaja boleh lakukan Trail Run ini? Perempuan juga boleh lakukan! Cabaran ini menjadi mudah jika anda betul-betul seronok lakukannya bersama teman-teman dan bukan kerana terpaksa. Bagi mereka yang belum pernah mencuba, mari sertai untuk acara trail run seperti ini akan datang!


Acara Malaysia Women Marathon yang awesome!

ALHAMDULILLAH, semuanya berjalan lancar untuk Pertunjukan Fesyen dan pelancaran Nashata yang pertama kali dalam program Malaysia Women Marathon (MWM) pada 15 Mac yang lepas yang di adakan di Royal Theater Shah Alam. Kami akan berkongsi cerita yang menarik bersama anda!


Program ini berlangsung selama tiga (3) hari berturut-turut bermula dari 14 sehingga 16 Mac 2014. Booth kami terletak di bahagian kanan pintu masuk dewan Royal Theater. Hari Jumaat tersebut mula di penuhi ramai pelanggan dan pengunjung yang datang untuk menyaksikan sesi dialog wanita dan sekaligus memberikan sumber inspirasi kepada para wanita yang lain untuk terus maju ke hadapan. Antara penceramah yang hadir ialah :

1) YB Rodziah Ismail, Exco Selangor untuk Kebajikan Wanita

2) Catherine Ndereba, Pemenang Marathon Dunia sebanyak 7 kali

3) Eliza Noordin, Usahawan Perniagaan Online

4) Alecia Heng, Pengasas Gorgeous Geek

Women Dialogues


Kami mengambil kesempatan ini untuk membuat pelancaran NASHATA untuk pertama kali. Segala produk terbaru, kami peragakan oleh model-model professional. Antaranya baju Riada Peplum, T-Shirt Lengan Pendek Keep Calm, Baju Ultra A-Cut, Tudung Amin Hijab, Seluar Aktif Riada, Bag Sukan dan Bag Kasut. Pertunjukan Fesyen ini di meriahkan lagi dengan kehadiran tetamu istimewa iaitu Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi, Penembak Negara Olimpik yang merasmikan pelancaran dangan menulis tanda tangan di baju A-Cut Nashata yang berwarna kelabu. Ratu Muslimah Dunia 2013, Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola juga membuat penampilan semasa pertunjukan fesyen tersebut.

tandatnagn suriyani

Tandatangan Nur Suryani

Fashion Show


Semua peserta larian berlepas dari perkarangan Dataran Merdeka Shah Alam. Kami menaja larian 5KM Fun Run yang disertai oleh pelanggan setia dan  kaum wanita yang lain dari perbagai umur. Acara larian tersebut telah di lepaskan oleh Catherine Ndereba dan disertai oleh YB Elizabeth Wong, YB Dr. Daroyah dan ratusan kaum hawa.


Walaupun keadaan cuaca ketika itu tidak begitu baik dengan jerebu, aktiviti larian tetap di jalankan seperti yang di rancangkan, tetapi jarak larian dikurangkan ke 3km. Belon Nashata yang menarik dapat memberi semangat untuk para peserta barlari dengan gembira. Percaya atau tidak, pelatih industri kami Iman Aida Amirah berjaya membuat larian sebanyak 10km kerana tersilap memilih lorong larian gara-gara jerebu dan tidak nampak dengan jelas.



Di kesempatan ini, kami dari pihak warga kerja Nashata mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang membantu menjayakan larian ini terutamanya penganjur Iron Girl Sdn. Bhd dan penaja utama Tourism Selangor.

Ikutilah juga liputan blogger dan media berikut:

Nota : Setinggi-tinggi penghargaan juga buat Asia’s Leading Online Cycling News Portal, untuk beberapa gambar yang digunakan untuk blog ini